Bag of Bees

There was a commercial once upon a time for ziploc bags that involved getting someone to change bag brands in order to be safe from a huge, zip locked, bag of bees.  “Change is good” was the sentiment expressed by the brand changing woman as she gingerly picked up the bag of bees. (In the “new” brand, of course.  The old one wasn’t completely trustworthy where bees were involved.  Which happens so often.)

So this is pretty much where we find ourselves of late, Gentle Reader.  Change IS good.  We’re holding that bag of bees for dear life.  It may be harrowing, hilarious, nightmarish, all sorts of things but change is the essence of our lives.  And it is very much about energy, about how your RPMs mesh with those of everyone around you.  It would appear that my RPMs have jettisoned me out of almost every place and thing that existed in the past.  At times this is quite upsetting, but for the most part I try and live the understanding of it, which is the old way is over for you.  No good, no bad, no judgement, it just IS.  Finito. The new world you find yourself in has a lot to show you and you may as well do the viewing as calmly as possible, is what we say around the yurt now.

When we get removed from our familiar settings, it can be difficult.  The usual touchstones and recognized things that signal ‘OK’ aren’t there any more, and we have to really wake up.  Although we largely try to avoid this eventuality- judging by years of observing people- we really cannot.  So, it’s probably better to accept the unexpected, be open to what transpires and learn.   Sounds easy.  Takes practice.  We really cannot stop time, stay the same, get what we deeply need from the outside.  When I look back on my former life I think about the way it all seemed to make sense and could go on for ever, and I also think about the looming fears and anxieties that got pushed down by the pace of life, and the fact that it was, essentially, inauthentic.  I was living the life someone else thought was appropriate- but what did I think?  I thought I was doing the “right” things, while concomitantly feeling I had no control of any sort over my self.  Or Self, either.   While the current experience is, probably, the hardest thing I’ve ever been through hands down on every level, I have to say that even the first tiny steps toward laying down fear and being what I am, regardless of what anyone thinks about it, have been exhilarating beyond practical description.  It’s a completely different experience.  And sometimes we just have to accept things in their unvarnished forms, no what ifs or if onlys or looking back.  The options are facing forward.

Meanwhile, in this New World we have here, we are presently immersed in the agrarian working end of the adventure, and what with no internet the timing of getting Everything Done gets dicey, since there are still only a limited amount of hours in a day.   So once again, under construction.  The possibilities are dizzying, whether endless or not!

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