Odds Increase on Discomfort

Firstly, I would like to say to any of those SINGLE WOMEN who thought Romney WON THE FIRST DEBATE and that they heard him say he’d improve things for them:  Seriously, girls.  Wake UP.  This man does not have your best interests at heart, bodily, personally, globally or otherwise.  Nobody else does either, for that matter, but at least they aren’t actually lying about it, then turning around and saying what they’d REALLY do.  Any country where women do not have control over their reproductive lives is not one where any progress is made- and real studies have shown that, not just the ones the corporate group churns out to discredit anyone who remarks on the perfidy of their behavior.  (Think: Climate change not real at all! – funded by Exxon.  Organic food no better for you than GMO or regular petroleum distillate fed!: Funded by Cargill. )  I continue to be shocked by the fact that people in this country, the U.S.A., are apparently completely willing to suspend any critical thinking (Oh.  I forgot.  That’s against the law in Texas now, at least in schools.  Even though I heard an interview with a gentleman in, I think, Ghana, who felt that critical thinking was hugely important and is having it taught in a University he started.) and just go along with whatever thing is said that dovetails with them not having to make any changes in their lives, or think, seemingly at all.   I don’t mind saying this makes me deeply sad.  The divisions that are being created by all this oppositional thinking are deep and painful.  And unnecessary.  And also? scary as all get out.

Anyway, life continues apace everywhere, doesn’t it?  It’s interesting times we’re in, where everything seems to be changing before our eyes and beneath our feet.   It really is pointless to indulge in fear because really?  There’s nothing to be done except your best, every day.  Even when that best seems to have no foothold or purchase, anywhere.  Nonetheless.  We’re trying.  The best, last night, included a quite passable pasta sauce that had  Italian sausage in it, onions, tomato preparations and what not, and caramelized brussels sprouts.   I may not be completely brain dead after all.  Only time will tell.


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