Morning, with fire drill

Time, of late, has had a strange aspect, largely able to be described accurately by today’s blog title.  Each day goes by like a carousel on steroids with mirrors and light bulbs whizzing off the structure at each revolution, each week seems not to start so much as end before one knows it, and yet.  A week ago seems like decades past.  Given that each day seems to include its own high impact and large magnification occurrences Requiring Heroic Endeavor, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been in-country too long.

So.  Aside from having every waking moment taken up with must-do tasks, I’ve been thinking a lot.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  Something must be going on since I’ve been cooking even though there really isn’t time for it: Moroccan tomato stews, Chinese one dish  extravaganzas (who knew? Kung Pao is doable at home and simple!), vegetable soups and tarts.  During all this I THINK I’m trying to figure out…just what happened to create the point in time that seems to be the here and now. Not just for me personally (although: YE GODS.  What a year so far….).  Even as I see how really different my thinking is from, let’s say? the average?, it’s also ever clearer to me how completely one we all are.  The past may be prologue but it doesn’t look like it helped anybody figure anything out much so far, so what the heck.  Time for some plot analysis.

There may be some of that shortly, at least I’m hoping so because this wandering in the wilderness of WTF gets tiring.  However, there was the Giants winning the World Series (!), and, after the rains here, small flocks of bluebirds and yellow finches sharing the top of a silver tarp filled with raindrops outside our front door.  The little deer are still eating the greens outside the bedroom area, even though some person sunk in unconsciousness shot their mother.  They seem to be doing OK though, growing and losing their spots, sticking together.  There seems to be a continuing pattern to things (Sheldrake’s habitual nature?) that if we could but keep in mind, might reveal still more vistas, and maybe, just maybe, provide some fresh air- enough to propel us out of the Field of Opposites that threatens to ensnare everything, endlessly and invisibly.   Anyway.  Just checking in.  And sending blessings to all.  If I figure anything out, Gentle Reader, you’ll be the first to know.

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