warp speed

Well, first things first Gentle Reader.  Thank you to all who read this blog!  Ai Wei Wei commented in an interview that the internet is an important foundation for civil society as it allows people to find common ground, to find support and clarification in thinking and developing coherent directions (for individual self and for greater community), in order that we may all do what we’re here for:  Exercise the gifts that we come into life with in harmony with our fellow beings.  It is easy to feel isolated and certainly fear is fomented on a constant basis.  Knowledge is power though, and for me in any event, knowing that there are so many others working to….unearth the beauty and goodness all around us that has been buried by our epoch’s greed and rapacity has made a huge difference.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.   We’re peeling the layers back, and of course every time you do THAT there is the concommitant OUCH followed by an expletive or two or 800, followed by some understanding and compassion.  There have been massive, tectonic shifts for this bear at least.  Certainly recent events have given me a much greater understanding of the sufferings of many of my clients, not to mention my own travails, and what I realized was this.  Plato was right.  We ARE all fighting great battles and therefore we should be kind.  HOWEVER.  That kindness has to be in the company of understanding so that it isn’t in the end simply a defensive maneuver on one’s part to avoid further injury, mayhem, and mauling.  As in, you do things for other people in order to keep them from acting out, hurting you, whatever it might be- thinking that you are helping. What it is, is you’re being a fixer. You’re working on that black belted, multi-piece matched set of emotional baggage to carry around.  It is to keep it easier for yourself, is what you think.  That other person is occupied, now I can get all this luggage moved to another room.  All this placatory endeavor does in the long run is wear the placator down, strengthen the placatee to the extent that they don’t feel any investigation into their behavior is warranted and the whole thing continues on until someone comes to their senses or dies.  There’s an interesting sense of powerlessness in it all.  The great thing is that this dysfunction can be found anywhere! Oh, boy.

I always used to think that the events themselves that create a lifetime of dysfunctional behavior for a person might not be the most important thing to focus on.  In short, you say to yourself, well, X happened, yes, but my head DID get reattached so, what’s the big deal?  Now, however, it seems likely that the patterns swirling around those many decapitations one experiences really do have to be observed and understood.  Once that happens, it’s a whole new ball game.  You begin to heal, which is an absolutely astonishing experience.  The thing of it is, though, that you can’t do it until you are ready, willing, able, and you step forward into time knowing it will all change, you’ll have to rebuild foundations.  Most importantly, you have to be able to change your mind about things.   You have to be able to let go of what you were propping yourself up with, especially since it really has been a big, pointed and loaded sharp stick.

WELL THEN!  Given the huge number of things flying around these days, all of which might be subsumed under Jon Stewart’s wonderful title: “cliffpocalypsemageddonacaust”, it seems like such a huge mess that really.  Insight just has to appear, the scales, as it were, will fall from people’s eyes, and there will be a lot of work for all of us to do.  I figure that if I could achieve and endure the realizations of late, anything is possible.  The personal IS political.  And.  Since there are people all over the world who are reaching for possibility, for balance, for justice and a sustainable life- I’m back to thinking it can happen.  It was a rough couple of weeks, for sure.  But if you are willing to follow that string wherever it goes, the truth really will set you free.

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