The Doozy Year

Were I not as…er….Grown Up Now as I am, I would probably say, Gentle Reader, that another year like this one?  NO DICE.  NO WAY.  NO HOW.  So.  Having said that.

We learned a lot this year, didn’t we?  Sweeping change all over the place and yet it still all looks the same.  I talked to a young friend the other day, who has had a pretty high impact year overall, and he remarked that he was hearing from people that they couldn’t wait for this year to be over.  Or them, barring improvement.  Which I thought was pretty scary when you get right down to it- twenty-somethings feeling like that?   I have to say I got to that particular brink with a certain amount of regularity over the past year, and started thinking about what changed that in each moment enough to carry on.

I think we all struggle with looking versus seeing, processing versus forgetting or ignoring, and the inextricable link between pain and growth.  We want to forget things, not think about them- but those things, events and memories, stay lodged in unconscious remembrance and re-enactment.  This, then, is the persistence of what you resist.  So we have to be conscious and aware of how we feel in order to reach the heights we’re capable of, and to move away from the depths where things get downright unproductive.  We have to move away from our fixed ideas of how things are, why they aren’t a certain way, all of that.  That, Gentle Reader? Is a LOT OF WORK.  But it is really the way that came up into view this year, and in spite of all the thorns and poisonous snakes and deep pits with stakes and live tigers, in the end it does make it easier in a way.  Once you let go of what you imagine to be true, it’s a whole big world out there.

Of course that big world out there has a lot of other beings in it, all moving along one way or another, and obstacles can be formidable.  But figuring out who we are, ourselves, allows us to look at the obstacles in a different way- at least I hope it does.  It remains to be seen, especially given the rampant stupidity and cupidity that seems to be prevailing among the ruling classes.  But we can’t really do much about them, when you get right down to it.  All we can do anything about is ourselves, our own minds and hearts. We absolutely have to be true to ourselves in a way that transcends egoic selfishness.   I am hopeful that more people are doing that than might seem to be.

In any event, in honor of the new year, I’ve plunged myself into a Spate of Procrastination.  This was cleverly done by setting a goal for an accomplishment that seemed, at the time, to be a Good Idea.  Now of course I’m spending my time re-convincing myself that I can actually do this thing I’m setting my sights on.  And that thing is writing a book.  It is one of many rather formidable seeming goals for the coming year, but since 13 is supposedly my lucky number?  It may just all work out perfectly.  We’ll see, in any event.  Happy new year to everyone, peace, love and happiness all round.  I believe we can do it.

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