A story of hay

The donkey crew up the road from us has been having quite the time lately.  A huge block of hay was put in their area, as is usual each year around this time.  The block was at least five feet in every direction.  The first day, the three donkeys were just leaning into it and sighing, in a delirium of bliss, too excited even to eat.  The leaning continued for a day or two, and then over a two day period they continued leaning and began eating in ecstatic abandon, as if the discovery that they could literally NOT MOVE and still KEEP EATING was all they’d been waiting for.  Yesterday all I could see was wildly wagging tails and the tips of wiggling ears while the rest of the donkey anatomies were standing on tip-hoof as they ate their way down into the holes they’d created around their submerged faces over a day of munching.  Today the top of the hay finally fell down and the donkeys were revealed in all their chewy magnificence.  Still bleary eyed with delight.  It is good to have these reminders of just exactly what is important, Gentle Reader.

It is also lamb time, a personal favorite.  There are two especially grave and dignified teeny sibling newbies on the main road; cream and buttery brown markings and an incredibly civilized demeanor.  I stopped to say hello and they toinked over on their little hooves and gazed at me as though we were old friends. The Chub Group of Dwarf Billy Goats is also rousing itself now, after a winter of hunkering down.  Last night as I came home the setting sun framed all four of them as they strolled toward the road, lighting up the tufts of hair at the tips of their tails like a set of galaxies.  They also looked refreshed and philosophical, which was somehow very reassuring.

In other news, we have coyotes and lots of ’em now and it is like a complete Ring Cycle every night- lengthy basso profundo stuff with moments of lightning like sublimity.  Often on the move during these performances, there is definitely some new singing going on with them and I look forward to being woken up by them in the dark at night, hearing the story and how it changes.

Other than that? Good grief.  I’d like to ask the…er…lawmakers? to sit down and shut up now.  Let someone do something who actually has the welfare of the country and its’ people at heart.  First off?   The Republicans did not win the election, at all, time to notice that and get the drift that the average person in this country does not agree with the backward, ignorant, selfish and unconscious thrust of the..er..platform.   Roe v Wade is law and it is time for us all to get over it and move on, secondly.  You really, guys? have absolutely no business telling any woman what to do with her body, period.  Also….until I start hearing these same individuals (who want to kick women back into the pre-dark ages and eliminate any personal, individual control over reproductive lives) saying that the death penalty is wrong and we should not be embarking on any wars at all, and that yes we really don’t need all these weapons all over the frigging place- I’m just going to continue to hold my current opinion of them.  Which is summed up in a word.  To wit, HYPOCRITE.  Easy to get worked up about protoplasm, in essence; hard to give a crap about all the people who are already here, apparently.

Which leads to the third point, which the Partner made this morning.  The game is really up.  The world’s ruling elites/groups/whoevers/tee-tiny percentage of earth’s population HAVE all the money.  They have Boardwalk, and everything else on the Monopoly board.  Time to start a new game: start over.  Maybe give everybody the same number of dice and get out of jail free cards.    I’m just saying, do it before these cheaters take the board away altogether.  Because however much I retreat into nature, however much I drink from that deeper well of reality and quiet truth, of simplicity (and this from someone who in other lives NEVER passed up a snappy pair of shoes or Important Lipstick), I always have the vision of all the rest of it pouring into my eyes and heart.  The challenges of my own approach to all these things in life notwithstanding, the knowledge that if there were an award for making mistakes, eye wateringly AWFUL mistakes,  I’d be a SHOO IN!! first round pick, doesn’t change the fact that I can come home from chatting with the lambs, accepting all the very real privations along with the astonishing joys of this life we’re living right now, watch the news for a second, and feel ripped in pieces while watching this beautiful earth and all the many beings who inhabit her being so cavalierly disregarded.   It makes me feel like a broken record at times, like a failure at others.  But we all can do what we can do.  The world is good and beautiful as it is and starting from that premise, that all our human “fixing” often just makes things worse, might be a good thing.  We’re really not paying attention, and we need to.  The questions of finding meaning and purpose are always there but perhaps the real thing is finding that quiet piece in the spin of what to do.  There’s a starting place- not the place we so often start at which is the place where we just left off.  I’m trying it myself.

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