Back to the Nietzsche-ure

That’s a spelling mouthful, that name.  I heard somewhere that he wound up in an asylum at the end of his life:  poor man may have known too much.  Or maybe it was just brain chemistry.

Anyway, as we continue to ponder what it is, exactly, that we’re doing, Mr. N. is ever relevant.  For example, his caution to be careful when you’re tossing out your defects so that you don’t throw out what’s “best in you”.

I realized with a bit of a start that that is, in fact, what I did myself at one point.  Being a Super Codependent, at one point I decided that my ability to know what people were thinking when I walked into a room was not helping me.  On the contrary it seemed to allow me to fall ever deeper into the morass of Pleasing People, Caretaking, and avoiding any appearance myself, of impropriety or anything else. So I stopped listening to my intuition, essentially, because of course that’s what it was.  Improperly focussed, but intuition nonetheless.  So, hahahahahaha, Creator’s plan for me was to spend a Long Time In A Seemingly Trackless Waste trying to find that intuition I left behind, since it turned out to be the key ingredient in what I’m doing now- what turned out to mean everything in fact-  since realistically I can’t avoid admitting I’m grown up any more.  It’s been hard giving up the glitter shoes, let’s just say.

Notwithstanding the fact that culturally many of us are divided from ourselves at the outset, at the jump, because of who or what we are- say, female, for example, let alone appearing on the planet in Color-  this search for our inner content and equilibrium is in the end what allows us to live our lives and integrate our many energies.  This division in the self leads to many things that are not productive, like self destructive behaviors and also? ill health.  So it happened that in the effort to simply be who I was, I found out what I was to do as well.  I did ask for knowledge, at one point, after all.  It’s a shame I didn’t think to throw “money” in the request as well but there it is.

So.  The thing of it is, this thing I pay attention to…while it is seemingly quite abstract and many people think that energy work and all those sorts of things are just crazy and don’t work….the thing of it is, this awareness that we can cultivate in ourselves DOES work, it does lead us to healing.  The bit about throwing out what’s best in you applies here too, I think.  So often we simply continue without taking the steps that might really help us, and it can be that our ability to think for ourselves which is, really, one of the best things in any of us, just gets tossed out in our efforts to fit in and be “better”.  We allow habit and the push of time to the end it has on this earth, which is to say death, to limit our ability to feel and to deeply know ourselves and what is around us.   We may allow our talents and abilities to be disregarded or used in a way that someone else thinks is proper- but how can they know, really? They aren’t us and unless we’ve been communicating with them with some skill, we’re probably a big puzzle.  Also, there is the issue of how we may discard things in ourselves that may have some power and beauty so that others around us won’t feel badly.

Which is, Gentle Reader, to say that while it does indeed seem that there are worlds within worlds all around us,and all are thronged with divinity and spirit and many other things, the challenge is to accept that our world is just that.  Our world, one among many.  The commonalities and patterns can help us move forward, and I think that as we watch those things unfold, our own intuition, our own ability to connect with, know and see other energies grows.  This in turn reveals many other connections and patterns that we might not have seen, and that lead us to new solutions.  All of which evolve and change even as their habitual nature carries them forward.

So, while it makes me a bit nuts at time to see the astonishing mix of bizarre to non-regulation of this field, and the lack at times of bridges between, say, doctors and flower essence practitioners?, as well as the commodification and monetizing of this kind of work,  I still am ever more certain that in fact, we can all be healed.  Not perhaps cured- that may be for another galaxy after all.  But having personally experienced what seem like miracles in terms of moving pain and dysfunction from people’s bodies ( and mine, too),  from having learned to see and accept others as my Kin no matter who they are, and most difficult of all so far, to forgive and also set limits in all walks and places, I  do believe that we can all really feel joy.  Which I think is somewhat the purpose of things.  It just cannot be to live in fear of a “God” who supposedly loves you but at the same time tortures you because you are “bad” and “sinful”.  That joy is also largely found in connection to the processes of our very daily lives.  Food, for example.  The joy in tasting something that is real food is amazing.  Yet in our society people continue to be largely divorced from not just where food comes from but what it really tastes like, and actually are encouraged to eat and drink things that not only are not good for them but in fact cause dysfunction.  I’m thinking of soft drinks and diet sodas here for just one example.  Diabetes?  So you can’t really enjoy, for example, the true sweetness of life.

All these things, these ideas, swim in a way under the oceanic surface of daily life.  A big part of it all is willingness to experience things in a way that allows them to show themselves as they are.  Then, we are in a better position to see the proper next step, instead of experiencing regret as we try to “make” things be some way or other that they really aren’t and thus will not ever be.  The effects of energetic therapies allow us to do exactly this, and that in itself can be a powerful propellant toward improvement in whatever area you are concerned.   Even though this feels like a constant swim against the tide (the Partner says  that people need me- they just don’t know it) and one must be willing to be patient, bridge the gaps and the gasp, even be willing to have people think one is a bit crazy, even with all that and ALSO! for extra fun! the total unknowing of what comes next- it looks like this is it, Gentle Reader.  The starry dreams are as much a part of things as the aggression we see around us, and the more we can let those dreams infuse our waking lives the sooner the aggression can be modified to an energy that serves us instead of controlling us.  It’s a big landscape, but it is in fact one that can speak to us and one in which we need not be lost.


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  1. Posted by Wanda Brenni on March 7, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    So beautifully stated.


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