Dancing Days

This morning Poppy and I danced to an uptempo little Charlie Peacock number on the radio, called “Death Trap” while I was chopping up breakfast for everybody.  It seemed so apropos somehow, the lyrics saying he’d never do THAT again and things of that nature.

That’s kind of how I feel about almost everything right now.  But not quite.  I am at my internet station today, at long last,  at a friend’s house, sitting across from a three year old who’s watching a home-staged monster truck video.  There hasn’t been any internet for over a week which has not been exactly ideal although we hope everyone who placed orders hasn’t given up on me.  Still, I did get through four hundred emails today.  Anyway there’s a good bit of screaming and burning tires going on in this vicinity and naturally it is having Some Impact on my Ability To Write This.  Or anything.  Hope springs eternal, however.

Which is to say, I think we all worry way too much.  It does absolutely no good, after all.  The things we worry about are often things about which we can do, effectively, nothing.   In review, it’s pretty amazing we’re still alive and here, the Partner and I, and that seems more and more to be the only thing that really matters.  Our vegetable seeds are all sprouting and we found a large frog family this morning.  Two feeders have reduced the hummingbird brouhaha to a dull roar; Tyrant especially likes the one right in front of the window because then he doesn’t have to make a special trip around it to let us know when provisions are running low.  He doesn’t, essentially, have to worry.

Hoping that will move forward and become the prevailing wind, this not worrying, I am going to take the position that There Will Be Internet Reliably Once Again, and thus, more blogs.  Soon.  Meanwhile…onward, Gentle Reader.  We’re working on those intractable intrusive thoughts and may have cogent remarks before you know it!

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