digging deeper

Well, Gentle Reader, time flies doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s because it is so DRATTED HOT, or because we’ve been doing mammoth earth moving and plant planting, or who knows what.  But I have not had much creative impulse of late.  Since we regularly swing between the poles of “good enough” and “not even”, hard to say why.  Aside from there never being quite enough time.

But I digress.  The real news is that at long last, we have more than one hummingbird per feeder.  They now sit across from each other, discreetly shielded from each other by the feeder jar, and drink deep.  Then they go off into buzzes and rampages, to return again and again.  The small female, the sweetest little bird, sits resolutely at the second feeder, back turned to all shenanigans.  Smart girl, really. What else? The bok choy survived the transplant from seedling set up to raised bed- which is quite wonderful since it is now about 109 degrees F.  And you may interpret that F in a variety of ways.

A few days ago I had an interesting experience, too.  Given that the healing work I do with people is not exactly mainstream, they often are surprised at how much better they feel after a treatment or using products.  This actually works, they’ll say in tones of  absolute shock.  Is it to avoid feeling like biting someone at times like that that I’ve dissociated to some extent?  Really? Wow.  This thing I’ve spent my adult life doing actually works? Who’d a thunk.  “Maybe it’s just a coincidence” is often uttered at this point.  As a result, at times I have felt quite astonished myself when healings transpired and I realized that in some way in the warrens of my little brain I had internalized that element of disbelief.   That goes way back as a pattern of course, but there it is.  Even though I, intellectually, know that anything that deviates from the medically approved/insurance approved/pharmaceutical norm is almost automatically discredited regardless of efficacy, exterminating that bad habit has been more difficult in this particular case than you’d think.  So this week, at long last, something clicked and now that disbelief is not so strong.  Not there at all, in fact.  That felt pretty good, I must say.  Amazing, in fact.  But as always, after satori, the laundry.  One can feel calmly confident that answers can be found once one learns the questions to ask, and that feeling lends itself to a better organized situation overall, and no bombast of any stripe attached.  However, at present what that translates to is: WHOA!! I’M LATE!!!  So without further ado, we’re off to see if we can’t be of some practical help to those who have asked, keeping the onion starts Quite Separate from the pain remedies.   A barn would be nice, I’m starting to think.  Room, you know, to spread out.


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