Issues of flow

Well, heck.  It’s been a while since I last put paw to keyboard and as usual it has been, as a friend said, high impact the whole way.  I really DO have pictures of Mr. Toad to show you and….well, soon.  We’ve had a few more frying pan incidents (with Mr. T.  hunkering down in absolute NO-ness when pan was placed someplace he didn’t want to jump out into) and it is quite perceptible just how much this little guy has grown when he’s racing across the kitchen floor.  There’s also another, smaller toad, who spent a whole day atop the small swamp cooler, nestled in a wet towel.  Frog hostel, perhaps, is what we have here.

The other day I got to see again the wonderfulness that is the first moment of sighting Mt. Shasta as you are driving north on I-5.  Suddenly it looms on the horizon, huge and spellbinding, and it is as though the road is going directly to its heart and you are being drawn to it by a ribbon of soft moss.  It really is quite an experience, and it did make me think about the fact that we actually LIVE next to one of the sacred mountains of the world.  The WORLD.  I mean, it’s amazing in that context.   At times it seems like the most bizarre juxtaposition possible, that incredible mountain and…all of this deeply crazy humanity.   Perhaps it is a metaphor along with being an actual physical display of the majesty and magic of creation.

As in: the sacred and magical is always right there but we have to train ourselves, or learn or  grow into or however it happens, to see it.  Once that is seen, life is still the same in an odd way.  I guess I used to think that once I “understood” things it would all be “easier” and “better”.  Not, uh, so much.  It IS easier, actually, to go forward without all the opinions and judgements we make about things.  Being grounded in the energies of this earth certainly helps one feel better on every level.   The difficulties, however, continue to exist and exist apace.  Many traditions repeat that one must give everything up to gain anything Real- the World is an illusion and understanding of the deeper reality, whatever one calls it, is crucial to growth.  Once that deeper reality is understood, though, it can be alienating for a time- I mean, once you know you need to take care of the earth and air and all it seems completely impossible that people wouldn’t do that.  Right?  Then of course there’s, oh dear.  Politics, the pentagon, censorship, torture, Monsanto…….I go back and forth about the impact of people changing their minds, and acting from love instead of fear.  Just that one thing.  It would really make a difference in every way one can imagine, so why is it so hard?

I’ve been thinking lately about the origins of physical problems.  Energetically (and greatly oversimplifiedly) speaking they come from influences that come in to us and if we don’t have our personal electrical grid in good working order, they can get “stuck” and then the problems can arise.   Think about it: we all have germs and microbes and whatnot up the cabonga inside us.  So what’s the difference between becoming ill and staying healthy?  I’m thinking that while, as they say in AA, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, this truth is hard for us to grasp.  We may be able to avoid “bad things” but sooner or later something is going to pull up even with us and give us a slap upside the head somewhere.  We may even be in “resonance” with that thing from a prior experience or exposure, whether pleasant or not.  Then, what counts? How we respond.  So, this awareness of the bigger grid, the bigger reality, is what can help us move forward through those tingling blows and proceed.   The greater clarity we have in daily life, which is to a huge extent perspective, the better able we are to deal with all the things that transpire in life.  And we are here to deal with those things, for sure, not avoid them and not pretend they don’t exist.  We’re also not here to make careers out of these occurrences.  They’re all learning experiences, not corner offices with great views- we don’t need or mostly get to stay there.

Now I’m struggling with the part about: WTF?  It makes sense, all this, until that rock hits whatever window you’re looking out, and then the scramble for breath and balance is on.  I don’t know if it matters “why”, even though we all search for meaning and knowledge is power and all that.  It still seems to come down to what we feel, and what we understand about that.  Death is always the ultimate punctuation, we all know that, but it is always painful to encounter it as we go through our lives.  We know, for example, that we all will die, change clothes, put down that overcoat.  But, later, right?   Things we like change, things disappear, it is all in constant movement even when things seem the most static.  Best laid plans are upended, things happen that we cannot predict and fervently hope to avoid.  But the test is remaining faithful, I think.  And in joy- even in sorrow.


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