whenever you’re ready

Indeed.  We’ve all, probably, heard the expression about when the student is ready the teacher appears.  Naturally, *I* thought this meant an Actual Teacher, right? A person.  Of course this would mean one would actually know what one was doing, at least enough to recognize a Teacher as appropriate.  So I’ve been waiting, as it happens.   And? There really IS a picture of Mr. Toad.  Next time, really.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that an entire situation, a place, can really be that teacher.  Not “just” learning from experience but a real, entire, on-point and challenging curriculum with a reading list and regular tests.  Which means that what is being taught, essentially, is new information to you as student on some level because it comes in the form of a bit of a treasure hunt.  It isn’t someone’s regurgitated opinion, or a sales opportunity, or a feel good opportunity for that matter.  Not even, necessarily, what you thought you signed up for.  Perhaps all life is really like this; one constantly has to pay attention and adapt to prevailing winds and stars without relinquishing hold of the rudder.  We spend a lot of time trying to make things the way we want them to be, it seems.  It also seems as though a real lot of time is spent pretending things are not the way they seem.  Especially now.

All of which is to say it seems the teacher has arrived.  I’m surprised actually at the continued “self study”, so to speak, but also amazed at the rigor of the program and the speed at which information is arriving.  As always the issue is how to describe it all, and my current thought is part of the possible usefulness of attempting to describe it, this bizarre post-graduate experience of mine, is as a template of sorts for translation.  There are so many ideas presented as impossible dualities in our current world- like in an interview I heard about medical research where the opinion was hazarded that without “science” we’d be left believing in “magic”.  The science they happened to be discussing was a bit suspect as I recall- along the lines of those great studies Exxon commissioned to prove global warming wasn’t caused by ANY carbon anything, no way no how, and what dinosaurs? and Cargill doing studies showing that organic food is no better for you than GMO or non-organic. Poison is no problem.   So, as I say, science itself at this point seems quite dependent on source for credibility.  And magic! Well! It is all around us as it has always been, and is elegantly described in many writings on contemporary physics.   Also, go look at a hummingbird for further information.  It may be that bridging that particular descriptive gap is  a useful thing.  Describing essential reality in a more neutral way, maybe?  More about how reality is always moving and changing and shifting and isn’t one way all the time.  More about the connections that really do exist, and can be seen, and how that works.  And more about the solutions that emerge to pressing issues when the cryptogram has more than one set of characters.  The trick is going to be doing this without leaving the impression of having lost one’s marbles altogether.  But I’m putting this on my to-do list, this Thesis of sorts about what happens when the appearance of things gives way to (another?) reality.  Nothing challenging about THAT.

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