Out of the ashes

Ahem.  Yes, we’ve been insanely busy and too pooped to write down All Those Brilliant Ideas We Have at 3 a.m.  Which is just to account for all the non-writing.

Anyway, the Partner has been down for a few days which has meant that the entirety of our, we really can call it, subsistence farming work has fallen to me.  This has meant five hours minimum in the gardens daily along with everything else that has had to get done. It’s working wonders for my triceps as it happens.  I’m thinking about launching a new Haul the Hose Total Body Makeover program!   HOWEVER.

I found a dragonfly yesterday which had apparently just stopped this physical incarnation.  For the first time in my life (really) I actually PICKED UP A BUG, Gentle Reader.  And what a bug!  Wings like golden lace, a turquoise and green back, deep almost purple long tail/body.   I’m going to frame him, I think.  Also, for the first time I made sauerkraut out of home grown cabbage.  The gardens have really come to life, too.  All the roses are blooming again, and I’ve even managed detente with a raccoon.  (This may be the most singular achievement of the week, to be honest. )  This raccoon is no dummy: it only picks the ripe tomatoes now, after the initial hideous assault where tomatoes of all degrees of ripeness where tossed hither and yon covered in tooth marks.  The next time was a bit more tippy toe and involved only ripe and ready to eat fruit.   We had a Serious Talk with The Big Raccoon in the Sky and so far, as long as I keep things harvested, no further predations.

I also made a mad dash to the bay area to see a dear, lifelong friend, and was reminded that there are indeed people who just simply spread joy wherever they go.  She is one of those people and truly, it is amazing what a bit of joy can do.  On the way down I passed a large field of sunflowers: YELLOW.  It was almost like having my heart aerated, seeing that field.  Combined with the joy and all,  it led me back to the initial premise of so long ago, which is this.  Miracles happen all the time.  We just have to open our eyes.  More to come on the Miracle front…..for now, back to the garden and the Hose Super ShapeUp Program…….

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