Another leap

Of course, we know not which direction we’ve gone but WHAT THE HECK GENTLE READER?  In the midst of massive harvesting, canning (without, I might add, benefit of Actual Canning Tools but with excellent silicone lobster claw gloves suitable for plunging paws into boiling water and attempting to grasp jars that slip around like trout), window washing and general back breaking work, I decided to write and submit an article to…something, somewhere.  Just checking in to say I feel a bit queasy having done so but am still at least temporarily upright.

Meanwhile this has all been an excellent exercise in keeping one’s eye on the Big Picture.  Watching the political imbroglio in this country is freak-out worthy enough, and the Old Me mutters things to the effect of, Jeesh.  Just when I was crawling out of that DEEP DARK MONEYLESS HOLE this happens.  Or might happen.  Or whatever.

Meanwhile, the Partner and I were doing some dictionary perusing the other day, and came upon an interesting thing.  I had looked up the word “complain”, in a silly effort to point out to The P. that complaining does not actually fix things, even if you are a Virgo.  But what was really interesting was this.  The next word after complain was “complacency”.  And there you have it.  Two poles between which we all seem to swing and which are just…..directionally wrong.

Anyway.  Back to the salt mines for the nonce.  I still think it’s important to remember that good can prevail, no matter how it looks in the moment.  We just have to do our work in that direction.  In that vein, dishes beckon.

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