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Truth be told, Gentle Reader, I’ve felt quite a bit like a deflated balloon of late.  However, the trees here, with their gold and flame leaves set next to the glittering and flowery whiteness of the cottonwood branches along the river, not to mention the astounding crop of acorns this year, go a long way.

Still.  It’s been Quite A Year and not even over!  The challenges surmounted, the chances taken, all of that…what does it amount to?  It’s hard being that arrow flying through the darkness toward a target, let’s just say.    I’m working on it though, with remakes and rewrites in progress, many tales to tell eventually.  Life is indeed full of miracles although we may be so bloodied by the time we get to them we miss their full grandeur.  Or maybe not.  As always, time will tell.

I did have one horrifying realization this week though.  All of that endless gasbagging B.S. about the Affordable Health Care Act?  Budget brinksmanship?  “The American People want…” blahblahblah?  The astonishing truth is that there are a whole lotta people in this country who don’t pay attention to the news, and don’t even know any of this is happening.  Kind of puts things in a different perspective, doesn’t it?  Really, I fail to see the issue.  The insurance companies are still on top, and at last check, the Republican party is fully on the side of insurance.  Where’s the beef?  It would appear to be somewhere around the part where people who don’t have much money still get health care services.  What a gracious and open hearted bunch our congressional representatives are.

We have, however, struck a blow against empire in our small way here.  We have a ZILLION BEES in our garden, still.  Hope springs eternal.

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