oh yes it did

Snow, Gentle Reader.  It snowed here, about a half foot, and stayed icy for a week.  This was quite the adventure for me, since snow has not been a part of my experience until now.100_1388A time of incredible beauty and balance.  Also, wetness since one of us had to roll herself around in the snow and jump up and down a few times.  The Partner, pictured tinily up above, found all this very amusing.  Which was good.

Because what has happened since then has not been much fun.  In fact it’s pretty much been bloody awful in a way.  Except?  In spite of all the deeply troubling things that are going on, we found ourselves SAVED.  By duck fat.  DUCK FAT.  We got a duck in our ongoing ventures in culinary expansion.  Despite our trepidations, it turned out to be almost mindlessly easy to prepare two duck breasts in a deep saucepan.  They were unbelievably good- just skin side down, some salt, high heat for five minutes.  Then you move the breasts a bit to another spot, cook on lower heat for a half hour, and there it is.  With the spectacular corollary of duck fat.  Who knew?  The years I spent struggling to brown potatoes in lesser types of fat!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! With duck fat, all is forgiven and possible.  You barely have to do anything!!  They come out, well, they come out PERFECT.  Needless to say this was a stunning revelation and we are going to move on to duck confit.  Ta da.

The other thing that happened was this.  As I was in the laundromat drying a gargantuan amount of laundry, and crying per recent events (a snivel fold, you might say), a very tall Caribbean man walked in.  This in and of itself is rather astonishing in this location.  But.  He looked at me, asked how I was, and then sang a lovely duet of uplifting Bob Marley songs.  Reminded me that if the sun comes up tomorrow, things will be better.  I know this, but for now I’m counting heavily on duck fat to fill in the gaps.  And miscellaneous angels.  Fortunately, we’ve still got the hummingbirds to cheer us up as well:  We figured out that if we take the feeders in at night, whaddaya know, they don’t freeze.  Out in the morning, and our little cohort is buzzing around like mad.  There is always hope.

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