Tiny Eurekas

I recently wrote a piece concerning alchemy (and wow, doesn’t that sound…well…exciting? that was that piece for someone somewhere which…they accepted!).

Perhaps we, or at least I, used to think of alchemy as a process that involved a lot of experiments, smoking alembics, and a final achievement, as in emerging with a lump of gold at long last.  So it arrived at a conclusion, a closed set.  What I think now is that alchemy is a process that goes on all the time.  We are always going through the white, red and black sequence of discovery, seeming darkness, and manifestation, always really making gold whether or not we see it, as long as we are engaged in the Work.

Listening and paying attention are big components of the Work, yes?  Recently, I think I lost my last vestige of faith in the world’s operating system.  An operating system that allows 85 people to control the wealth- to OWN the wealth- of 3.5 billion other people.  Half the world.  There’s no listening happening on that planet.  Anyone who pays a whit of attention knows what dire straights we’re all in, and yet?  Politicians and corporate interests and “powers that be” continue on as though none of it is happening.  Not listening to anything except the blandishments of the benighted souls to whom they are in thrall- and they are, indeed, in thrall.  Even with all that money.  They’re cutting their own throats of course, one suspects they know that, but one also suspects that they aren’t smart enough to figure out what to do to save themselves.  That, of course, would involve change, and acknowledgement of the fact that we are all needed.  The top cannot exist without foundation, in other words.

So as my head exploded for the zillionth time and I wondered what to do, it came to me.  Instead of flailing in imposed powerlessness, one can indeed get to an upright position by paying attention in daily life.  Which is to say, talking to the people in one’s life and listening, really listening with no commentary, to what they’re saying.  Today I’m with the two disabled women and they can’t talk.  Well, to be more correct, they do not use actual words but communicate they do.  One has been the poster child for fuss budget today and finally it dawned on me to just “ask” her what was going on.  Like I “ask”, for example, a client’s body to “tell” me what the problem is.  So having asked, I got an answer.  When I explained to her what the situation was, that I understood what she was feeling, she stopped all the banging and weeping and groaning.

This tells me that we are not without hope, Gentle Reader.  Things may yet be right with our world, if we give it our best effort in all circumstances, large and small!

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