Wide gyre

Lately I’ve been thinking what amazing and mysterious things brains are.  ALL brains.  From Tyrant’s tiny hummingbird brain, constantly plotting the best location from which to ambush other hummies (he favors a shaded spot to the side of our door where he backs up, flies in place quietly, and waits), to my own ,which so often veers into the ditch of dithering.

It would appear that our brains, when young, really are sponges.  Think of all the inconsequential things you remember, names, shoes, smells.  Then there’s stuff like quadratic equations and right action, where one so often has nothing.

SO.  I’ve been thinking.  We really do create our realities by how we think.  Our attitudes color how things appear to us, and those appearances color our emotional response.  It can be that one’s mood is the most important issue at times.   It seems that if one can keep moving, not get stuck on the hooks of appearance, and avoid reactivity, progress is possible.   What I’m noticing is that each time I can stay aloft, stay with basic equilibration and gratitude, the previously undiscovered circles of hell burning all around seem to recede.   It’s odd how, if you watch, you can literally see the change in things from menace to calm.  It’s very much about what your mind, body and soul eat, in the end.

In terms of what we eat, food is the obvious place to start investigating.  How can you expect your mind to be clear when you eat things that are not what they say they are, and far from what they should be?  So many people are so far removed from what they eat that kids don’t even know what a vegetable really IS.  We eat meat that is grown eating stuff it wasn’t meant for, pumped full of drugs that affect our bodies as well, and not positively.

The experience, then, of eating something that really is fresh, really is what it is, seems as though it should be wonderfully transformative.  Still, we talked to a guy the other day who said he’d never eat local eggs because they were too “dark”.  We both stood there, puzzled, then realized he meant the yolks were too deeply colored.  He’s used to mass produced eggs, in short.  The others have too much flavor.  Even at this simple juncture change seems impossibly up hill at times, the most obvious thing isn’t obvious at all:  that initial training and memory is pointing us in a particular direction in terms of food and it is not a healthy one.  Or even a tasty one.  It’s puzzling to say the least, but at the same time rather heartening.  The same core political and economic changes would affect everything in a positive way, as if by pulling any string you like in this messy situation  an improvement could occur.  I think I’ll focus on the garden with renewed energy.  Better living through strawberries!


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