facing the days

The lizards are definitely back.  The Partner found a huge grasshopper (already????? I said), and gave it to a young lizard, who picked it up in his jaws like an expensive cigar and dashed off to our woodpile to eat in peace.  They’re out doing pushups at each other and frisking all over the place.  Finally, too, I figured out that Tyrant is courting me and I had to explain the facts to him last night.  It’s clear he feels that the yurt, garden, and environs are HIS, and all the fencing the Partner has put up has been solely for his perching enjoyment.  Period.  Lord and Master and that’s all there is to it.  He’d hung around above me buzzing furiously and when I finally looked up, he tweeped and zoomed up so high into the sky he was barely visible.  Then the daredevil headfirst, almost like a cartoon, dive to the ground.  I do love that little guy.

Otherwise we are cautiously stepping out into our days and the Now.  It’s that strange time of year when all seems possible but at the same time so daunting as to be majorly procrastination inducing.  A new vision of things is taking shape, a new version of the story,  and a beginning.  We’re focusing on not bringing the same set of shapes to this one as we did the last, and that in itself is a story.  For now we are out of time, however, and the New story, which may or may not feature flying saucers, will have to wait.  Oh, well.


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