may all beings be happy

This was what came, exclusively, into my mind when my friend presented me with a (fabulous!) birthday treat (chocolate! guava frosting!) plus lit polka dot candle and said “make a wish”.  In that particular moment I realized I truly have everything, really, I’ve ever wanted and my wish could only properly be for an expansion outward of the love and joy in my own heart.  That has never happened to me before on a birthday so completely.  Perhaps getting older does allow for more periodic clarity.  Or perhaps on that prior occasion when I said what I wanted (understanding, knowledge, love) the order was put in at the top and there you have it.

In any event, there were adventures and travels and for the numberless-th time it was obvious that love is in fact the thing that keeps the universe moving.   If you can look at one living thing and  SEE it, it really does change everything.  For example, an emerald green pasture surrounded by flowering nut trees and full to the brim of lambs and their moms: Cream colored with black legs, and a truly spectacular all black ewe with two black brand spanking new babies who really seemed to be glowing.  Or the fascinating sight of a donkey rolling on his back waving his zebra striped legs in the air,  in an ecstasy of scratched itches.  This is not to say that life becomes one hundred percent peachy all the time, Gentle Reader.  Far, perhaps, from it.  But just the awareness of the overall flow of things can give you a feeling of possibility, a sense that you might really be able to embrace change, let go of all the stuff you really do not need.  It isn’t necessarily going to turn out for the worst!  And that lets you drop your shoulders, smile, and go forth in your time and on your path.  Maybe it really is a matter of remembering that everything changes, always, so the best thing is to remain open to the mystery and the grandeur of it all, seeking the truth. Easy peasy, right?

The other thing that happened was that to a certain extent my faith and hope were restored from their precarious attachment to cliff’s edge.  At times one can feel pretty alone, slogging through the days in the strange place we call home.  But I was left with the feeling that there are many, many souls who are actively working toward peace and sustainable life, with justice, joy, and equity for all.   I’m taking the position that it really can – and will – happen, and that all the changes required to make it so can be undertaken and made.  I once heard that in Bali, things you buy in stores are often put in bags with black and white checkered designs, to indicate the eternal standoff between good and evil.  (No advertising, either.)  This made sense to me, in that you are thus always reminded of where you are, exactly, and that makes it easier to know what to do.  Which is, essentially, breathe, smile, and go forth.  One more time.  And thank you for reading!

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