woolly bully

Our heads, the Partner’s and mine, exploded in concert the other evening:  We actually had to resort to stiff shots of bourbon to pull it all back together.

It had been a moderately rough day, with one or two cross words and several more hours of weed pulling.  Then, there we were watching the news and WHAM.  Once again it seemed very clear that the entire world has lost its collective mind.  Three things in particular made us look at each other in wonderment.

Thing the first:  Powdered alcohol, or we should say: cocktail, vodka and rum FLAVORED powders.  Which you put into water and have something that no self respecting witch would touch with a barge pole.  But really.  Is this something the world needs now?  We’re slipping further off the edge and this is the best someone can do inventively?  RETHINK ALCOHOL MAKING?  and require even more water to be used? A Suit was being interviewed and said, in all seriousness, that this product was going to put a real dent in regular alcohol, wine and beer purchases. Never mind that the actual contents of the stuff have to be even closer to jet fuel, albeit dried, than a lot of what passes for alcohol now.  But this, while flummoxing, was not the final straw.

We progressed through listening to quite a story about the Aereo Supreme Court case.  In discussion of which, nobody ever asserted the primary issue here, which is.  Network broadcast is mandated, and “free”, as opposed to cable or internet streaming.  Aereo wants to divert those network signals and charge people to receive them, on their computers or “devices”.  Without paying the originators of the content.  Uh.  The capitalists are starting to eat each other.   Not to mention the fact that despite what the Aereo attorney stated, quite a bit more than eight percent of the US population watches network TV using aerials.  Perhaps he should get out more- but then he’d find how many people there are who don’t have internet connections and actually, how weird of them, prefer to watch TV on ….a television.  For “free”.  Again.  Do we really have time for this?  For one more person who sees a potential way to get rich, quickly, leaving behind a trail of squished heads?

But no, then the final thing came and the bourbon had to be cracked open.  This was a story about a couple of men, one of them the original publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog, who are “restoring life” to earth.  Yes indeedy.  They’ve figured out, for one thing,  just why the ice caps are melting, Gentle Reader.  And do you know why that is?  It is because there are no woolly mammoths tromping around eating grass and thus maintaining…maintaining….the… ground.  And ice caps.  So project number one is bringing back the woolly mammoth.   Then they’re going to tackle the carrier pigeon.  Polar bears and amphibians and bees get to fend for themselves, and global warming isn’t because of people anyway.  We need woolly mammoths, and we need them now.  More, evidently, than we need bees.  I do hope eating stuff full of Round Up won’t irritate their digestions.

It took an entire cocktail to get past the veritable parade of mental cacophony this all induced.  For example.  Living where we do, we get a probably higher than safe for public health dose of evangelical and rightward oriented discourse.   One thing that comes up from time to time is the fact that, really, according to this world view, the dinosaurs never really existed.  They weren’t on the Ark.  The devil planted their bones to confuse humanity.  (Check Sarah Palin on this.  Really.)  So in my disoriented state I started thinking, well.  If dinosaurs didn’t really exist, and the bones were placed here by the devil….what does that make fossil fuel?  I think we all know the answer to that.

So there we were, engulfed by the ongoing lack of awareness of cause and effect presented to us as the evening news.  We both managed to pull the tattered remnants of our nervous systems together, and reflected on the fact that as hard as our lives are right now, we are in fact IN the now, which turns out to be a place rather less frequented than you might think.   When confronted by an avalanche of malarkey such as all of the above, my current practice is to breathe very deeply, remind myself not to fall down, and remind myself that however tiny my efforts are in the big scheme of things, at least I AM trying to save bees.  Live, as we used to say, simply.  So that others may simply live.

Yet and still there are marvelous things to see every day.  I’ve almost perfected one of the many calls the woodpeckers make; I can hardly wait to try it out.  The woodpeckers here are really very funny and a lot more complicated than I ever thought- they have very interesting clan and family affiliations and play with each other- they take turns at things.  So do the robins.  Mr. Great Dove flies down and swoops around the yurt in the evenings before getting his cohort together.  Herb seeds are coming up, and a planted peach pit has sprouted into a splendid baby tree-let.  We’ll have peaches in a couple of years, which is exciting.  I think our cabbage re-seeded itself too, judging from all the little starts around where the plants were last year.  The Partner is slaving away at things that will, eventually, make our lives more comfortable and reunite me with my clothes.  Spelled storage for short.  I believe he may also have murmured the words “outdoor shower” but the excitement of it all was making it hard to hear and I had to go sit down for a few minutes.

It all amounts, in the end, to a search for wisdom.  The application of which is the work of a lifetime.


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