don’t think it hasn’t been fun

Oh, no, Gentle Reader.  Fun is what it’s all about around here.  Having just recently crawled out from under the table after a spate of automatic weapons fire (the rurals! gotta love ’em!) I thought for a moment about recent developments.

On the positive side?  A mother rabbit has been using our garden as a day care setting for her adorable fluff ball of a baby.  They’ve apparently been there most of the winter and it is interesting that none of the overwintering lettuces or small greens got nibbled at all.  I’m hoping we continue in this abstinent rabbit vein, especially since:

After even MORE weeding, finally all the seeds (or most) are in the ground.  The cumin and parsley have sprouted and I can now go out and look at my barely visible rows of corn and beet and cabbage seeds.  Peppers! Chard! Pattypan squash.  It’s really terrific.

Which is why when my landlady told me she was having a Beltane festival on the bluff right behind our yurt complete with large bonfire tonight, my head exploded yet again.  We live in an area that could probably be confused for a tinder box:  grasses, old vegetation, DRY DRY DRY.  You can’t even burn piles of weeds and stuff without the county deciding if they’ll give you a permit for where you are. They have line of sight spotters on duty constantly up on the mountains this time of year, spotting miscreants, which is a good thing.  Last year some of the largest fires, like in Yosemite and up here by Happy Valley, were started by individuals who just felt they had to start fires.  In summer.  So this year the authorities are attempting the ton of bricks approach.  Anyway, as I say, my landlady is having some number of people out to leap over fires and camp out.  And drum all night.  Right outside my “bedroom” window.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive this news.

So.  Let’s hope nothing goes horribly awry with this episode.  As for me? I am now going to prepare a dating profile for a lonely friend.  All in a day’s work.


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