just a suggestion

I had a thought today while skidding around rampaging Guinea Hens and listening to the news on the car radio.   It was this.  Why don’t we just institute the same 72 hour waiting period that pregnant women have to go through in some states here after they’ve already made the decision to have an abortion, for the police to shoot people or knock them down to the ground when they’re not sure the person has a weapon? Or when they don’t care if the individual is armed, with a real gun either,  and let’s just go ahead anyway and do a choke hold for extra points?   It seems reasonable.  Think before you kill, right?  Shouldn’t that be across the board?  It seems to me that we conflate all the wrong things and separate the ones that actually do go together.

More, later, about tomato soup and our new words to live by:  Stay in awe, not upset.   Sometimes it’s easier than others- today the tile roof on a house on a hill by us looked like hammered gold in the heat, otherworldly and expansive.  There’s more to all this than meets our semi-dark adapted eye, after all.


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