change of season

The frogs were chatting outside this morning.  There was a lone rabbit sitting in the brush, and a veritable Parliament of Dogs at my friend’s house, who in an unprecedented move each sat down to be petted instead of leaving monster mud claw marks down my front side from jostling for first position.

Aside from our landlady’s dog flinging herself against the pole that holds the electrical box and dislodging the switch to our electricity thereby plunging us into stygian darkness, nothing has gone deeply sideways for a day or two.  That I know of.  ( Now that I’m in that legion of individuals who ignore the Check Engine light on their cars.)

It’s funny to have such seeming calm on the surface, and so much treacherous terrain just underneath.  Just yesterday, for example, The Partner presented me with yet another stunning revelation.  I knew he went to Catholic school (they asked him to leave which I think is quite an achievement) and as usual, it left a mark, so when first thing he started talking about what it took, technically, to get into heaven when you die, I put on my glasses and looked at him.  What the ##$$%!! bejeezus are you talking about?  After shushing me, he continued with an actually quite cogent enumeration of what the Catholic church deems necessary, over and above being a “good person”, to be assured of a Positive Eternity.  Of course it is all rather manufactured and contrived, as religion tends to be in my opinion.  And of course, every religion has a complete set of these contrivances.  And, every strict adherent to said religions thus feels on some level that everyone ELSE is going directly to hell because of course, they aren’t engaging in the contrivances.  More or less.

So this means that we live in a world where a sizeable percentage of people feel that everyone else is going to hell.  Steeped in badbadbad.  And they, of course, are good.  And going to heaven or paradise or whatever.  It just struck me as weird, but also clarifying.  If we’re all still so worried about what’s going to happen in the future, after we’re dead?  No wonder things are so ballsed up.  Anyway it made my neighbors make a lot more sense.  Additionally it confirmed my sense that whatever “it” may be in terms of afterlife, heaven, hell, wherever- it’s all right here, right now.  Somehow I found that encouraging.  Anything really IS possible, and the Dalai Lama really is right:  No reason for too much worry.

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