the wonder of pigs

Yes, those two little cuties down the road are continuing to radiate much needed wonderfulness.  Now that it is unequivocally winter and cold, people are scrambling around to protect their smaller animals, and those two little pigs got their very own set up in the nick of time.  They look almost too small to be without their mother, so we were both relieved to see them the other morning, sleeping nose to nose on a lovely bed of fresh straw underneath a heat lamp.  The chickens and ducks were fanned around their straw bed protectively, shushing everyone importantly and fanning their feathers.   That was a manger scene I could get into.

At present, Gentle Reader, that’s about the ONLY thing I can get into.  Things just seem to get stranger and stranger, and it gets harder and harder to keep the world at bay.  One thing is for sure, though.  People really should tell you, in those formative years, to pace yourself.  There is a lot of work and stuff to be done  and if you go at it like you’re killing snakes your whole life, there comes a point when you are going to be very tired indeed.

This realization came to me while pondering both my work and Thanksgiving.  I like Thanksgiving because I like the food.  As a “holiday”, I can’t say much for it:  Commemorating, as it does, the kind of kickoff of genocide that gets called nation building, it doesn’t grab me.  In fact, if anything, it plunges me into an ambivalent froth.  I used to deal with that, I see now, by magnum opus cooking.  I’d bake whole pumpkins for pie.  I’d make cornbread for stuffing, bread, rolls, stock, roast chestnuts….the whole thing.  Plus turkey.  Vegetables. Extra cranberries. What I’m thinking about now is how one balances the desire for the decent meal with the reality of finite resources in terms of time and energy.  Which as it happens I am also thinking about in relation to my work.

Somehow one has to keep the process in mind, and all of it, while building things.  The end singular goal doesn’t necessarily give you the right stuff.  In terms of work, the economic goal cannot be the only one.  This business of being true to yourself is not easy, especially in a world defined by something as abstract as money.  In the end I’m thinking more and more it’s a test of faith in a way.  You just have to trust that applying yourself thoroughly to things will be enough, and you will move on.  You have to remind yourself that every item at Thanksgiving does not have to be made by you yourself.   It’s the process that counts and the feeling you have in your heart.  One day at a time.



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