happy, after all, new year

My oh my, it’s been exciting around here as per usual.  Deep into winter now, I managed to get the garden covered against the frost and pick the rest of the fennel.  We ran out of wood.  We saw some for sale, copied the phone number down, and felt hopeful.


The handwriting wasn’t clear, and it turned out the wrong number got called three times.  So on a cold and woodless New Year’s Eve morning the phone rings, and it’s a lady, who says: You’ve called my husband three times.  In the end she was very nice indeed, probably for the most part since it had been the Partner’s voice on the phone not another woman’s, and he did mention the word “wood” several times.   Anyway, I dialed the correct number finally and we did get connected with wood.


Not all of it was split, some of it is green and won’t burn, and our maul got buried in the unloading of said wood.  The wood person has a very cute dog, however.


The Partner has an awful flu, still.  You know, don’t you Gentle Reader? how well men take to being sick.  It’s been Quite the Challenge.  But I did keep the fire going for the most part, and made calming things to eat like roasted vegetable soup which included our last beets from the garden.


My neighbor gave me a very large bottle of wine, which I was able to enjoy while watching a very old Julia Child show on onion soup New Year’s Eve, in between ministering to the sick and wounded.  Actually it was pretty nice.


It’s another year in which we go forward, or outside, or something, knowing that everything is in perfect divine order whilst running through flaming debris which at the very least Makes You Wonder.  Whether or not there is room for cautious optimism in this world,  we still must attempt to balance death (sun sets in west) and life (and rises in the east) and thus begin to make a good cup of tea, as the Buddhists say.

That good cup of tea is our ability to retain equanimity for ourselves, I think, and stand on our own however-many paws throughout the rock and roll of what we stand upon.  Usually at the new year I feel more specifically one way or the other, as in: GODIAMNOTREADYFORTHISMAKEITGOAWAY, or, groovy, full speed ahead.  This year, while I know I can handle whatever comes along one way or another, I’m not quite at groovy either.   I’m focusing, as a result, on trust.  We really do get what we need however scary it gets.  The wood imbroglio was a perfect example.  Dire straights, resolved by someone’s attention to detail in another part of the kingdom.  Additionally, the road- not the part that washed out, no, but ANOTHER part- was verging on impassable with potholes you just couldn’t deal with.  The morning of the blessed wood delivery turned out to be the day they fixed the road, too.  It all worked out in the end.

I’m taking the view that this is perhaps the overall trend.  Somehow, it’s all going to be just fine.

Thank you, and happy New Year!

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