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Not, perhaps, so much, Gentle Reader.  After the washing machine (loyal up to now) first tried to electrocute me the other day and then wouldn’t really work at all, I had to conclude that perhaps it was kaput at long last.  Not a happy thought at all.

It meant, of course, a trip to the laundromat for the whole enterprise, the jaunt of an afternoon.

There, I found the following:

a) most of the washing machines were broken, and

b) a family with a pet rescue operation had the roughly ten machines still working full of dog blankets.

The good news was they had, as they informed me, brushed said blankets quite thoroughly and there really wasn’t any pet hair in the machines afterward, which was very nice indeed, since long wet chihuahua hair is pretty gnarly in a washer.  I used the extra time involved in washing everything we owned to unravel the Mysteries of the Recently Acquired from the Phone Company Tablet, feeling a bit nerdly as I did so.  (I mean, how tired are we all of looking around and seeing nothing but people staring down at their “devices”?) Because of course the Tablet, being meant to be a Labor Saving Device, has been a challenge, starting from the jump.  I think I have it more or less wrestled to the ground- I mean, I can actually get it to work, which is awesome.  Not quite as well as I’d hoped, but well enough.  It seemed reasonable to have something that I could take with me and get work done on, after all.  The new account billing, which so far has been so byzantine even THEY can’t figure out what they did, may have been straightened out enough to step away from.   So I had a feeling of slight accomplishment, didn’t lose any socks and managed to make a decent dinner later on.    This is what passes for large success in my world.

This level of accomplishment allowed me to remain fairly calm when it was revealed that the wood we so laboriously got at New Year’s turns out to be from a burn area and thus….HAHAHAHAHA……covered with flame retardant.  So it doesn’t burn and also has some kind of enormous mutant ants buried in it as well.  I step on them with my boot and it’s as though they look up at me and say, is that all you’ve got?  I feel guilty enough already and still apologize to every bug I kill.  Although after a recent massive vacuum and scrub extravaganza I did expect the moths to be gone, and they aren’t, and I noticed I’m not apologizing to THEM anymore.

So anyway.  There we are, swinging between multiple realities, just wondering, you know, if this is really how it’s going to be from here on out.  However, we saw our Resident Rabbit this week and he is quite splendid.  I’m pretty sure it’s him because although he is now really big, he still has that mad scientist gleam in his eye, that touch of “you can’t see me!”.  This year’s dove explosion is interesting too because they are all a bit differently colored than prior years.  They’re almost white, and when they swoop around the garden and driveway it is practically transcendent.  All the birds do what appears to be a vocal check in about 8 am every day; a round of all the different calls and songs, going around in a circle.  The one voice I didn’t recognize turned out to be a heron, who flies over everyone on the way to various ponds.

So anyway.  It’s all magnificent and awful at the same time.  Keeps it interesting, and I think it is true that since it’s mostly all small stuff, you shouldn’t sweat it.  Still.  As we hurtle through space on this teeming and twirling ball, we’re so immersed in our own realities it’s hard to keep the idea in mind that actually if we would just put down the things we keep hitting ourselves with we’d be pretty happy.   I’m still finding that confusing, but we live in hope, don’t we?



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