that old black hole, again

The police were flying over us bright and early this morning.  Normally that would have been somewhat irritating but since I’d been up all night with the now continuous breathing problems, I just shined it on.  They didn’t wake me up, after all.

We are in a bit of the epicenter of the “War on Drugs” here- that war which, if you even look at it through half closed eyes, you know is absurd and also? Not working one little bit.  People grow marijuana up here and a lot of it is not done in a proper sense of stewardship.  The Cartels are here, and even the religious right throngs the grow stores and then lies about it.  Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, careless water use, encroachment on National Forests- all bad.  But.  Just to be perfectly clear.  Marijuana is not a dangerous drug.  It should not be on Schedule I along with cocaine and heroin.  People should be allowed to grow it responsibly and be able to sell it medicinally if they so choose.  The research on the health benefits of this plant exists even if our government chooses to deny that fact.  Which I personally would find laughable if it didn’t make me so angry seeing as how they’ve obtained a frigging PATENT on one cannabis genome.  Explain to me how you PATENT something NATURE made?

In the meantime, a huge percentage of the populace up here is loaded to the gills on prescription meds or meth.  Or, of course stone drunk.  (The town of Red Bluff is the most dangerous place in the U.S. in terms of one’s likelihood of getting hit by a car, for example.)  It’s just a question of whether the person lurching toward you is rail thin and covered with sores or just simply totally out of it.  Makes driving really fun and eye contact totally out of the question.  My last time in the Emergency Room was a perfect example.  The tons of people in there were either grossly obese and in wheelchairs with oxygen tanks, or covered in sores and vomiting in those special tee-tiny bags they give you.  Everyone groaning at top volume over a TV show that featured forensic examinations in gooey and gritty detail.  Not a pretty picture.  But a real one.  So you have to ask yourself, just who benefits from the drug enforcement in this country?  It sure as hell doesn’t keep ANYBODY “off drugs” and from where I sit it does exactly the contrary.  Just a question of where the money goes and I’m betting we’d all be pretty disgusted if we saw that information.  What would be really great is a little realism for once.  There are indeed individuals whose chemistry inclines them to addictive processes.  And those processes cover the waterfront, Gentle Reader, and can be set off by just about anything.  If you don’t have that particular chemistry, it isn’t the same kind of issue.  Are we really concerned here with protecting people from themselves?  I don’t think so, judging by the evidence.  The same people who suck up all the money and keep it circulating around the top have a vested interest in things staying the way they are, and the money that circulates at the other end of it, in the “black market” somehow more than likely connects in key spots with that money at the top.  People refer to marijuana as an “industry” now and frankly it makes me sick.  It’s one more potentially positive thing that is being drawn into the monetized realm, ruined, and removed from any chance of being helpful.

It’s time to stop denying reality and stop living in a world visualized by a bunch of perverts.  You can’t get birth control because that would make you have sex all the time.  A top scientist says women shouldn’t be in labs IN ENGLAND because they’re too distracting?  REALLY?  Afghani women are covered top to toe because why?  It’s all the same miasmic sink hole.  I for one am beyond sick of it, and also would prefer my tax dollars be spent on things like environmental protection and repairing roads and bridges and oh yeah! SCHOOLS.  Not to mention doctors.  What a concept!

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