Once again I probably did something dumb like think, oh, OK!  I can handle this!  Hope truly does spring eternal, Gentle Reader.

Yet and still.  The Partner came up with a couple of good quotidian solutions, I thought.  One, to alleviate the cigarette smoke pollution in China? Vaping.  Seems like a no brainer, really.  And why not grow medicinal marijuana for Europe in Greece?  That could solve a lot of problems.  This is all over and above our ongoing discussions about what the holy ghost really is, how long did it take to clean up Guayaquil post-Pope, how weird is it that Mr. FIFA Blatter cited “travel dangers” as his reason for not coming to the Women’s World Cup ceremonies, how much longer we can really stand all this, and realizing the human body is really not meant for temperatures over 105 degrees F on a daily basis.

It turns out that bees aren’t made for it, either.  It has been so hot here that there have been NO bees at all.  We had tons in “spring”, but after the end of April it just kept getting hotter and hotter and even the bee keepers have been out of sight.  You can imagine how overjoyed we were, then, yesterday, when it was only in the low 80’s here and we heard…..buzzing.  They’re still out there today and I am allowing myself some cautious optimism about the tomatoes and squashes, along with fervently hoping it stays under 100 for at least a few more days.  My eyeballs feel like something that just came off a hibachi, for one thing, and if we don’t get any pollinating done we aren’t going to have any tomatoes.  Which for me is unthinkable disaster.

Otherwise we are still pondering just how it is that things seem so challenging even when we know it’s all kind of an illusion.  A very difficult illusion, and one that cannot be understood on its own terms- just try figuring out the exact dimensions of the Greek debt debacle, for example.  I also saw that the Canadian PM remarked the other day that using too much solar energy would, in essence, extinguish the sun.  If these things are jokes? They’re not funny.  If they’re serious? What are we waiting for? It is time to get people in positions of importance who can actually think their way out of a paper bag.  The seeming impossibility of that occurring is not something, I tell myself, we should let disturb us.   So.  The ongoing practice is picking oneself up after every fall, and continuing to visualize whirled peas.

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