brain on the run

While my head is, at times, filled with words, I haven’t found myself able to write any of them down.  There’s something of a tectonic shift going on and now that I’m at times able to not be totally freaked out by it all, I think there may be something…taking shape.  AHEM.

But whether that will be Venus on a Clamshell or Straight Outta La Brea Tarpits remains to be seen, Gentle Reader.  Time is expanding and compressing simultaneously and it’s downright weird to get to the end of a (long) day and not really have much clarity about any of it.  I was amused to see a young woman on the news, however, remarking that people are now wanting to have QUIET when they go out to dinner instead of the all too common sitting on someone you don’t know’s lap experience.  And I thought it was just me! HAH! Maybe the old is new at long last and some civility will be introduced.  Or, maybe not.  All I know in this moment is that most of what I thought I knew before was…er….erroneous.  This frees things up a lot but it also means one is constantly saying under one’s breath, I can do this, I can do this…..because it’s like learning how to ride a bike all over again.  This go round I’m trying to have more fun in the process.  I will report soon.

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