yet another day

So, yes, we were continuing our morning investigations into good and evil (sometimes I wonder about us).  I was thinking about that idiot dentist who killed the lion- he’s kind of my current meditation practice in pondering forgiveness, unity, etc.  The impact of even one person’s evil deeds spreads exponentially, we can see pretty clearly here.  An endangered animal is dead, his offspring will probably be killed, the hunting guides are on a slippery slope, the dentist’s employees will probably have some serious job worries.  Does a “good” deed have the same impact? Where it spreads, visibly, and you can trace it if you’re patient?  The Partner thinks not.

I am not sure.  I’ve been trying to develop a more relaxed attitude about things, taking the long view of how things always do tend to work out and what not, trying not to panic UNNECESSARILY.  It does seem like good ultimately does prevail although it takes a godawful long time.   But here we are in a world where you regularly see the most horrifying interactions on the evening news- those who are to protect do the exact opposite, and we’re ALL endangered species.  It only takes one experience to understand what it really means to be the person who gets stopped by the police for a tail light issue- the fact that it runs contrary to everything you might have thought about the country you thought you might’ve been living in only adds to the awful, sinking quality of it all. The thought that desperate people are trying to do a mass bum-rush through the tunnel in the English Channel is almost beyond belief.  And, yes, there’s the lion.  And the polar bears and the salmon and the radioactive Pacific Ocean.

So.  I’m not altogether clear on what it is I DO think about all this except I find at bottom I have hope.  Inexplicably and apparently irrevocably.  We picked two melons in the garden this morning (prior to discussing good vs evil) and even though I know Monsanto is ever ascending, at least in the US, still- there IS magic, it exists and it works and we disregard it at our peril.  Thus, I will now trudge back home in 110 degree heat, after feeding my landlady’s horses, and? have some watermelon and ponder the grandeur that still really does exist despite all the stupidity humans toss against it.

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