the fire this time

And indeed, Gentle Reader, EVERYTHING is on fire all around us.  Visibility is zero.  I think the people who fight these fires are astounding and fabulous, period.  Anyway it’s very creepy and actually scary and I am fervently praying that we do not have to evacuate.  Also it makes a satellite internet connection one step above dial up.  But.

In other news.  We have a dog now.  I would post a picture but in keeping with today, my camera wouldn’t even shake hands with the laptop and I have No Idea Why.  We’ll work on it, since he is probably one of the cutest dogs ever.  Evidently some asshat masquerading as a human being drove him all the way up here and dumped him out.  He thus lived under the yurt and ate herbs, flowers, grapes, and strawberries for a few days, and although we saw that Somebody had been out eating things (what happened to the potato flowers?) we could not, for the life of us, figure out what or who.  Then on Sunday night as we were worrying about the missing Mr. Frog, we went outside and there was this tiny lion colored creature clearly asking for some help.  I went and got some dog food from our landlady, which he ate.  He then promptly feel asleep on the deck and started snoring.  He repaired to his temporary quarters under the yurt until the next day, when he finally came in and declared the place his.  A puppy, about two months old, a pitbull mix, he has easily tripled in size just this week.  Since he’s a puppy he sleeps a lot during the day and then is up late at night, arising in the pre dawn hours to do things like surprising me with a wet nose on the face.  Potty training is not proceeding apace but today has been a good day as SO FAR I have not had to clean up oceanic pee or odiferous poo.  One day at a time.

I also saved a goat, twice, this week.  His humans have sheep wire around the enclosure as before the only inhabitants were two dark brown sheep who, in the five years we’ve been here, were only shorn about a week ago.  They looked like sofas.  Anyway the squares on the sheep wire are just precisely the right size for a small goat to stick its head through and eat the, obviously, better food on the other side of the fence.  All well and good until  horns enter the picture and effectively pin said goat to the spot.  I noticed him on a fast dash for dog food and chew toys and wondered if he was just Standing There or if there was a problem.  An hour later, coming home, I saw there was indeed a problem.  So I stopped the car, scrambled up an embankment, and after some serious negotiations, released the horns from the wire.  He dashed off and said thank you from a distance.  The next day, on a trip for more chew toys and a collar (a splendid bandana print!) what do I see but feckless Mr. Goat, stuck again.  I told him we had to stop meeting this way and yesterday? When I wound up driving back and forth about three times I noted with approval that he was far, far away from the fence.  We also have a horde of chickadees who come every evening now, fifteen to twenty at a time, and take group baths.  So, it has been exciting.  There will be further reports, of course, but for now I have to go back home and make sure nothing has gone sideways.  Which is always a possibility and often an actual fact.

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