life goes on

Well.  It seems like time both flies and is crystallized to me of late.  The Dog is getting the lion’s share of attention these days, what with having been neutered and needing to be still for several days, which meant he couldn’t go out alone and rampage around as has been his custom.  This only APPROXIMATED mission impossible, and I only lost my balance after an on leash blastoff once.  Since then we’ve had a few pre-dawn standoffs but for the most part he’s actually been really good, and didn’t even have to keep his cone on.  That would have been complete disaster as we both saw immediately when he came lunging out of the vet’s surgery wearing it and crying and laughing at the same time.  He’s no dummy and immediately seemed to realize the carnage he could cause simply by swinging his head around.  Not to mention the incredible saliva distribution he could get with it, too.

Every day seems to be more and more like a mad dash with no destination in sight.  The progress I thought I’d made with pernicious influences and other people’s opinions and all that?  Not so much in practice.  I had a few days where things were REALLY going well.  I got pretty excited.  Then: Nothing.  So it’s back to deep breathing and gratitude practice, seeing it’s still a long way down from elation to deflation.  And considering that in the final analysis it’s all the same anyway, doesn’t really burn calories or fight wrinkles, seriously.   Why?

At the same time ideas are coming together, I’m thinking about how we see light and how it really must be possible to change one’s mind.  The issue of how to integrate one’s life with the World and all continues to be a poser, but at least now I can go back and ask The Dog.  He usually gives pretty good advice, I’m finding, and it’s generally along the lines of chill out.   Which in fact is what we did this morning when we saw in front of the yurt a veritable parliament of birds.  There were robins and finches and woodpeckers and flickers and western blue birds and jays- all hopping around, having breakfast, and singing.  Perhaps we really need nothing more than that.

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