higher and deeper

Just saying, Gentle Reader.  JUST SAYING.  The weirdness  continues piling up, and it’s got to the point now where I’m eerily calm.  That’s never really a good thing with me.

So, when the repair shop called early this morning and told me my car would probably be classified as a total loss and how did I feel about that?  I cleared my throat, calmly, after tripping over The Dog, and said, Not Acceptable.  Especially not when said shop would get paid for the “tear down” of my car and parting it out.  And I would probably get enough to buy a little red hand pulled wagon.  AND since the error was on the part of the shop by not including an obviously needed part in the estimate (a strut, which even *I* could see was needed, given the wheel was bent in a slightly sickening way).  Well, it just goes on from there.  It appears at the time of this writing that all will be well at some point in the unknown future and we’ll be reunited with our trusty Subaru, BUT.   I’m pretty sure that if insurance had existed when Shakespeare was writing, that line would’ve read:  First thing we do, we kill all the lawyers AND THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.

In the meantime, when everything is just in chaos despite one’s best efforts, what is to be done?  Go outside and look at something like this:


Perspective.  I am reminded that it is probably a better use of my time to focus attention on all the people who desperately need help in this world, rather than fret about the slings and arrows of my personal, outrageous fortune.  I am really hoping that directed thought and energy can turn the tide.

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