a race against time

Or, perhaps, the black hole of dog toys.  Anyway I see my laptop battery is about to descend into the red, and along with everything else in my current internet spot, finding a working electrical outlet is almost more than I can bear at present so it’s kind of an antediluvian moment.

But, on to dog toys.  Never having had a dog before I was slightly taken aback at the rate of toy demise.  Blue dog? Kaput.  String Man? Invisibled.  So when the brand new and expensive Kong ball and the deer antler chew both disappeared into thin air? I shook my head.  It felt a lot like the day the laundry disappeared, actually.  Eventually however we found that The Dog had taken to dropping all his toys behind the couch.  For safe keeping?  Who knows.  Anyway as of this writing his couch privileges have been revoked.  He’s moping a bit about that but the truth is he’s almost too big to be on the couch anyway.  Small couch, big dog.

Now, though, in the frozen sunrises when we’re out for his morning procedures, I have had the opportunity to remember once again how important it is to really appreciate what’s in front of you.  Things have been  BLOODY GODAWFUL this month, and I admit, Gentle Reader, that I have been in a place way lower than the dumps.  But when I’m out with The Dog, and the trees are humming with little birds discussing breakfast, and Mt.Shasta is in the distance, gleaming and pink in front of the bird’s egg blue sky, I have to think that in fact there’s not much more a person could want.  Aside from ending the use of fossil fuels, I mean.

I had occasion to finally understand something that’s been just about eating me alive lately, too.  A VERY long standing, evisceratingly painful situation, revealed itself to be actually just an intense lesson that I had to learn.  In a sense, nothing personal although the situation SEEMED very personal.  I realized that I had to look at it not from the standpoint of someone being mortally wounded, but of someone who had to develop a certain skill set and way of looking at the world in order to grow.  No harm, no foul, in the big picture.  I also realized that the enormous asshat who ran into me in that parking lot? was just being himself when he was threatening me with bodily harm and all the rest of it, and that too really didn’t have much to do with me, beyond the fact that I was there and had the bad timing to be in his path at that moment.

It was, all in all, a good lesson for me about fear, which I have a lot of.  No reason for too much of it, really.  So, I guess on the whole progress of a sort has been made, albeit tiny.  Now I just have to work on my exploding head when I hear things like Ben Carson saying that the refugee camps in Jordan are “quite nice”, as well as when people dismiss, at Thanksgiving, the genocidal activity that took place at this Great Country’s creation and is the story told about the “holiday”, and say that it’s all been “resolved”.  No, actually, no it hasn’t.  The challenge is to continue working on resolution with love.  Thank goodness The Dog periodically reminds me what time it is.  Meanwhile, battery out!


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  1. Posted by soulspeak2013 on December 1, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    So true dear fellow traveler, Dear friend…it seems in my world, my harmony observation point is also with The Dog. My Miss Bean has a grand way of assisting me to remember to breathe…
    For her, I bought two small cat beds and made them her toy beds.That way they are soft and safe for her exploring pleasure….she is a mini whippet/ mini rat terrier..but she has a mighty chewing strength like a doberman. So needless to say…there are no toys here with stuffing…( learned that the hard way)we buy lots of no stuffing sneaky toys…she is a delight indeed..but she stopped hiding her toys when we got her the toy beds…
    We have two cats also..it’s a riot at times here…hope your car is coming along well….the good news…December will leave and make way for a brand new beginning to a brand new year…times indeed are a changin….Namaste’


  2. Posted by soulspeak2013 on December 1, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    SQUEAKY. ..not SNEAKY…lol….


    • Ha ha…the Partner would probably endorse SNEAKY….and the most recent squeaky is so mournful that I’m always rushing over to kiss the Dog Just In Case…..THANK YOU!!!


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