batting a thousand

Indeed, Gentle Reader, the score so far is Me, ZERO, and large tattooed white guys in big vehicles, TWO.  Now my finger has injured ligaments after a special encounter on the “road” we live on.  The Dog needed his afternoon constitutional, and there we were just in time for some numb nuts to drive his pickup so needlessly close to us that we had to scramble up a very muddy and unstable embankment.  Then? He slowed waaaaay down.  Then? Gunned it, which had the effect of making The Dog lose his brain and give chase.  That had the effect of dragging me down the embankment to a graceful belly landing on the gravel road, with the leash yanking itself out of my hand and thus the unfortunate situation with my finger.  Then? He stopped, didn’t get out, laughed and drove off.   The poor Dog got spanked, perhaps not entirely unfairly, and I could do nothing for a few days.  I will say, though, that once again my Bike Wreck cream came to the rescue and the swelling and bruising were not nearly as bad as they might’ve been.

But.  I have a quote by Meister Eckhart on the refrigerator, which says, whatever God does, the first burst is always compassion.  I find myself taken aback on a routine basis now by just exactly, from that measurement, how far from God we are.  And of course quite often the loudest proponents of their own godliness are precisely the same people who run you over or shoot you and keep going.  I’m not sure what I’m supposed to learn from this, or what to do about it in a larger sense.

The big thing is usually not to become afraid.  Don’t let that frightening mask scare you, remain calm and stand your ground insofar as is possible and prudent.  Remember how limited the capacity for thought is for so many.  At this point, especially now that we’re on a full tilt merrygoround ride about how much better things would be if we ALL carried guns in the US, it’s a challenge.  Even though now there are actually enough guns owned by the US population to provide a weapon to every single person in the country.  This includes neonates.  I’m starting to really contemplate and accept that it’s very possible I will not be able to accomplish much in the larger interpersonal arena, even if it’s only my own “neighborhood”.    I can’t quite believe that anyone would seriously vote for Donald Trump for ANYTHING but the thought of him as President is downright terrifying.  Even though, as Bob Marley said, whoever wins, it’s the same problem.  But the stridency with which so many insist that their needs are more important than anything else really does scare me.  The meltdown and inefficiency of the “system” is like looking into an abyss whenever you have to deal with it on any level.

I suppose, as usual, the situation itself will dictate the actions needed.  But I find myself more than usually disgruntled by the fact that the world seems to be run by people whom even a proctologist could not help.

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