uncharted waters

I had a horrifying moment earlier when it appeared that the Trusty Laptop was not going to function.  At all.  This would, to put it mildly, NOT BE GOOD.

But, as is so often the case with what appear to be looming disasters, there was food for thought.  For once I was able to relinquish my normal fears and sense of not knowing what to do which generally leads to Massive Floundering and Potential Crying.  For once, I didn’t immediately go to, and stay at, the nightmare thought of how another laptop might be procured.  No, Gentle Reader.  I simply plugged it in to a power source, and pressed the button I think of as “on” for several seconds.  I listened to the laptop, so to speak.  Repeating to myself that there is, after all, no crying in baseball.

What there is? though, is macrocosm in microcosm.  The ongoing dog “training” hits many and various snags even though the Dog and Trainer in question are  stellar sweethearts.  It’s just the way of things, however: one person wants one thing, another wants something different.   The Dog wants to roll in horseshit and eat dead mice, which we reluctantly had to use poison on lest they eat our car wiring.  We Humans want him not to do that, and also to come when we call in a reasonable time frame. Harsh words may be uttered and there might even be a bit of spanking.  Clearly the Partner is the patriarchal figure here and *I* am like the closely aged sibling.  We often, the Dog and I, get stern warnings to STOP THAT, just like kids do.  I’m both happy that I can be that way and not happy that I’m not mature enough at all times to properly Deal with the Dog.  This appears to be the way things are in the outside world as well.

It seems to be somewhat a matter of putting yourself in another’s place.  What is perceived, felt, thought, believed? And why?  Is it lifetime conditioning, pure laziness, evil, fear, awareness, or what?  I mean, really.  Why DO dogs like to roll in disgusting substances? Straying into politics for a moment, we see that Justice Scalia who was touted as a conservative which in today’s parlance is supposed to translate into “good” it seems, was on a little trip with someone who wasn’t his wife when he died.  How honorable and good is that?  Trump picks a quarrel with the Pope, for God’s sake, when his deplorable behavior is described, accurately, as generally un-Christian.  How does this mental desuetude happen?  And more importantly, why are people in this condition running things?  I of course then relate this to my own inability to keep things always running smoothly in my little world.

That line of thought may be where we go astray.  Things CAN’T run smoothly all the time and it isn’t our job to cram them into position one way or the other.  We go forth, do what we do, experience consequences.  It is to be hoped we learn from the consequences but this seems to be an often missing piece.  Maybe it is our fear of consequences that keeps us from embracing them as the learning tools they are.  But fear never really works as a positive motivator and avoiding things, resisting them, turns out to be a massive waste on every level.  Some days, accepting this concept this seems like a daunting challenge. Others it’s like a get out of jail free card.  Today I’m swinging between those poles; the dog is snoring, sleeping off his post-bad-dogness, and my stomach is making I’m-getting-upset-noises.  Time to remember there isn’t any shape here except the one there always IS, which is the shape of things as they are, even if we can’t see that all the time.

But before I forget? thank you all, so much, for reading, and liking, and being.


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