something, and more of it

A bit of a rocky start today, Gentle Reader.  Notwithstanding first crack out of the bag chest pain which I chalked up to…oh, reality? it was dicey.  The french press plunger decided to spray boiling hot water and coffee grounds all over a fresh loaf of bread instead of plunging down and keeping it in the pot as per usual.  The Dog went out and rolled, quite comprehensively, in Shit. This caused The Partner to blow a tiny part of a gasket and *I* did not take it as well as I might’ve.  Probably I was still reminding myself not to get a big head about just proceeding with the coffee, smarting burn and smile in place.  Sometimes hissy fits are unavoidable, sadly.

So, what is it? that keeps us from staying on an even keel.  Some days the quotidian pile up of whatever it is, be it dishes, vacuuming, armed struggle with the phone company AND the post office (come out big, right?) just gets to be like noxious fumes that remove one’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand and perhaps lapse into total stupor.  No, No! Just do it, I say to myself. Like what you do, and all that.  For the most part I do, but on days like today when it seems like the last bit of wherewithal has been drained from me, like from a car up on a  mechanic’s rack, I can’t figure it out.  Ah well.  Now, the Dog is muscling up on the keyboard, because he has something to say.  Which is, as usual from Dogs, sage advice about how enjoyable things really are if you just play a little bit, then take a nap.

The days when I have no certitude about what I doing, or  want to do, are the days when I don’t want to play, exactly, OR take a nap OR cook anything because why? Too anxious.  And that means I am not in the now, which pretty much always leads to problems.  Thank goodness this Highly Intelligent Dog came to live with us and point such things out.  I just wish it could happen less frequently right after Shit has been Rolled In.  Then again, when better?  I’m now going to go and thank him properly, which will no doubt involve his favorite treat.  And since they’re all favorites, see how easy?  All better.



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  1. I can relate to that, not being in the now, getting stuck, hooray for Dog, my sister just visited with hers and now I realize I live in tickville too…Mountain Life


  2. Oh and the chihuahua decided to do the fishspraysquirt when prompted to sit on my lap…he was butthurt after


  3. Oh, dear. Nothing permanent I hope- for the chihuahua I mean. There are indeed inconsistencies in dogs’ behaviors, splendid creatures though they are. Unexpected smells and forceful liquid sprays can throw one off from their basic boddhisattvaness… It does do a lot about returning one to the now, though, doesn’t it?


  4. Yes, well said, I am considering adopting, or being adopted by, a bodhi from the pound myself


  5. More thoughts for the hell of it since they come in waves. Recently I began to wonder what annoys me because I remembered an old Robert Anton Wilson quote: You are precisely as big as what you love, and precisely as small as what you allow to annoy you…so I thought about it…I’m still on a ghettodrip kick so for me its when the damn filter rips….if there had to be anything…it would be that. Hope your chest pain clears up I used to get weird painful jabs and constrictions in my lungs.


    • Well, a bodhi will be a good thing, then. Ripping filters are always there and it helps to have a Realized Being around before Donald Duck Mode kicks in totally. And the weird lung jabs? Relate to the bottom of the shoulder blade- hold your index finger. It helps. So far so good today for my Heart!


  6. Very interesting, thanks for the tip, happy to hear it, these rains are something else!


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