all russian roulette, all the time

Cosmically, Gentle Reader, things are heating up just as much as they are environmentally, and we seem to have the same level of denial all round on both fronts.  It seems that human beings are stuck on thinking they have a lot more time than they really do to get and maintain the togetherness of their shit, across the board.

The cosmic level has been rocky up here as usual.  We’re perhaps too close to the heavens  and seem to get the double whammy no matter what happens- and all these eclipses are NOT HELPING.   First, one of the dearest people to me in this life who lives at the opposite end of the earth? called me and our electric got overloaded, blew, cutting off the phone altogether.  At that moment the Dog returned from his morning constitutional, INCOGNITO.  Which is to say, totally covered in thick mud.  The Partner, after recovering from the phone/who’sthatdog episode, sallied forth in search of some electrical thingummy that would, in theory, prevent future flameouts.  I’d like that, let’s just say.  Anyway, totally thwarted there as well because?  There was a BOMB THREAT in RED BLUFF.  The poster child, or one of them, of lovely one horse towns, gets shut down because someone left a mystery box somewhere.  Home Depot was totally off limits as a result.

Then, in a moment of brainlessness, we turned the tv on and saw Brussels airport.

Between wanting to crawl into a deep hole from the simple overwhelming pain of it all, there’s wanting to crawl into a hole after hearing what the…I don’t even know what to call them, but we’ll be polite and refer to them severally as The Last Season of America Republicans, or TLSOAR. ( Rhymes with dinosaur?) Anyway I can’t believe anyone with a functioning brain could say the things they all say.  Patrol Muslim neighborhoods? (And where exactly pray tell are those,  in the US?)  Torture? The usual beyond cringe inducing bloviation? It’s so frightening to see these guys and even more so to realize there are people who “agree” with them.  Which leads us to….

How are any of these people different from each other? How is Trump really different from whoever the titular head of ISIS is at this point?  They’re both concerned with money and power and not much else, far as I can see. How are the rabid  people who support Trump really different from the rabid people we see chopping the heads off those who disagree with them in the middle east?  The restoration of the Caliphate has to do with ancient, we might say chthonic, issues, the driving of Islam from Europe.  It also has to do with the fact that the diaspora is not a place of rewards for most, and hopelessness and ignorance and poverty are generally not good ingredients for a positive outcome.  None of this is rocket science, is it?  It’s just the same old thing:  We all want the same things- we want to be happy, for God’s sake, and basic equity would go a lot farther toward making earth a harmonious place for all of us than pitting us against each other.  Happiness isn’t about what you can buy.  It’s about how you FEEL and how you are able to live in the world.  We’ve had centuries of doing it this top down, patriarchal, fear based way, which by any measure is not working.  It’s enough already.

Meanwhile we have a splendid crop of tiny red romaine, which since  it is outside the garden fence will probably provide a few moments of bliss for the rabbits.  I figure the birds dropped the seeds, thus helping the rabbits.  See how easy?  Really.


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  1. Posted by soulspeak2013 on March 24, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    so so true dear star sister…that is why I said..let it all play out for I cannot buy into the fear that seems to be the world…its a horrendous mess..yet it all must crumble in order to be built new…this is indeed the very “times” we came here for. We are the pioneers of strength..and if we can ever get united..we would save the world!! Bomb threat? Oh My..must be a muslim huh..I am so weary of such labeling..and such hatred..indeed let us hold the light and pray…much love dear star sister…be well…I too am in tears and in prayer


  2. I still, sometimes, am sure that a red hot sharp poker was held to my eyeball to get me to agree to be on this planet……..and I really do try not to label- but find the word MORON rising to my lips all too often. Well, crumble on! right? Peace and love always do prevail in the end….There was some idiot in the post office (oooops!!!!) who was doing his standup routine about the only Allah he likes is Ala Carte, and amazingly ALLl the other people there looked at him like, you poor fool. This is really unacceptable, so DON’T talk if you can’t think. He stopped. Maybe that was progress.


  3. I don’t even know what to say other than I know how you feel.


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