what’s in a title

It has been hotter than Hell here, and nobody is even thinking about disputing that, unlike when we first came and when it was 118 F every day you’d actually hear people saying, oh, this isn’t hot, I LIKE THIS.  So. Now? You see strong men in tears. People are more torched off than usual, they’re driving as though lobotomized, and all in all, it’s rough.  The vet is no longer going to carry the kind of dog treats the Dog Prefers. A problem indeed. The poor man who owns the laundromat recently lost his wife, totally unexpectedly, and another friend’s husband got thrown from a horse and it seems pretty serious.  And, it’s hot.  Thank God I saw that article about how hydrating beer really is if you’ve actually had enough water to drink.

The garden is doing OK, though, which is nothing short of amazing, and something else quite interesting happened.

I still, (in Spite of It All, the LPV,  “Congress”, Bill Cosby, the “health care” crapfest, Putin, Korea, the complete idiocy one hears no matter how hard one tries not to about everything in the world….) Participate.  I write letters to my “representatives”, make fun filled phone calls to Sheriff’s Departments, Governor’s offices, saying politely, please don’t do that ghastly thing with the firehoses you’re doing, so to speak.  I’m polite to the Sheriff when he shows up in bug eye sunglasses and remind him that there’s still no drug lab here. I remain calm while my time is constantly being wasted by How Things “Get Done”.  I also know that in some big ways none of this current malarkey is going to last, even in a tiny human conception of time,  so there’s not much point in blowing one of my precious remaining gaskets.   (I need those to figure out whether the shade cloth is keeping the tomatoes from getting pollinated, honestly.) Non-violence, like truth, takes a long time, but it really is easier in the long run and ultimately less embarrassing.  Unconditional Love doesn’t mean you always LIKE what someone’s doing but it does mean you recognize the common (one hopes) thread between you, and go from there.

So anyway, it’s been clear my Representative in the House has had me on the Ignore setting for some time.  I wrote to him once again recently about something, either climate change or the Russia Investigation, and for once there was a drop down menu for “title”.  WELL.  Gentle Reader, I went to town.  One of the selections was REVEREND.  And actually I AM a reverend, although I have misplaced my little certificate of reverendification, and I’m pretty sure no regular Church would want me preaching.  (The Temple of the Divine Dog and Flower? Maybe). So.  I selected Reverend.

For the first time ever, I got a response from this individual.  An actual e-mail letter.  And actually it freaked me out some because I realized that the only reason this happened was my use of the title.  Which in these parts people take to mean you are as Christian as the day is long and in these parts THAT means pretty much that witches are being burned, most likely behind the Pastor’s marijuana grow.  The sort of person this Representative counts on to vote for them in this very conservative area.  So it’s hard to know what to think except that I suppose this represents some positive step in the ongoing process of compromise and reaching agreement on challenging topics.  It amuses me to think that someone will connect the dots and realize I’m that same person they’ve been ignoring for so many years.  Then they’ll get the hiccups, most likely.   Still.  The information being discussed is pretty black and white, actually, and it may just be that a letter from such a person as myself has some tiny impact on the side of what actually IS.  We live in hope.

Meanwhile, on more important issues: still no pictures.  I’m working on it, let’s just say.  Blessings and thanks.


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  1. very intrigued on the water/beer hydration thing. congrats on discovering that the System, in spite of itself, is developing little inroads: flow like water into any passage you can!
    your temps ARE outrageous, especially as we are only just at the end of june. we are only 95′ so far (ha- ha- ha 😛 ). amazing that you can grow vegies in that clime. hang in there, reverend.


    • I was, as you can imagine, VERY happy to find that info on beer. Plus the Dog enjoys licking the cold cans. And we are hoping the garden grows; when it’s this hot the flowers don’t last to a production point. But as reverend of the sacred dog and flower temple, daily services are conducted amidst the cabbages, greens and frogs, special singing directed toward the melons and butternut squashes. Even if lately we’ve been singing SOB (nathan frately (?) and the nightsweats)and That Old Black Hole (Dr. Dog, as it happens)……..


      • i am with you in spirit during daily services. sing on! right after my last comment to you, we soared here to 38′ and now low 40s. it will only climb now. from start to finish, the day’s travels/chores/putterings/meal times/rest times will all revolve around The Heat. BUT wahoo, last night i made dinner in the **outside** oven (around which i will make-shift a little kitchen. thank heavens i had the presence of mind to keep the the old oven when we got the new one). which meant that the indoors never rose above 31′ and was at 28′ by 8:30pm. lol…TMI but you know, it can get like a friggin science and i just shoulder into the challenge. 😛
        disgruntled re: no beer link or review.

  2. An outdoor kitchen sounds DIVINE! we have a grill but need a designated propane cannister…. and, disgruntle no more, my dear: check your email- I found the newsletter in my old mail re the beer….anyway, giddy at a mere 90 degree temp yesterday I overdid so am once again sitting in front of a fan……


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