the grace of ice cream

Things are somewhat indescribable of late.  Aside from the fact that it is mind numbingly hot, not even really cooling off at night.  (The tomatoes Do Not Like It at all but oddly the Butternut squash are going crazy, we have four Charentais melons on the vine, and the Chair Vert melon plant in the back has quadrupled in size to an almost sci-fi extent.)

The Dog has some allergic food reaction and is covered in spots.  There was, for the first time since we’ve been here, a fire that would have roared over the hill and destroyed our yurt (and maybe lives since it was blocking the only way out from here as well) if Cal Fire hadn’t gotten on it immediately.  It made me slightly sick to see the burnt place on the way into town,  but at least I got to thank the firefighters, barely able to not blurt out a question about how come they’re always so darn HANDSOME.  People I care about are having health issues and there’s a lot going on that seems very out of any kind of measure or control.   Also I found that as hard as I try, the poisonous atmosphere on Planet LPV and all that comes from same has crept into my little brain (aside, I mean, from wondering what I’ll do with no health insurance and an internet controlled by Comcast and Verizon, voter suppression and Environmental Protection c/o Exxon Mobil and how long til this guy gets COMMITTED???…oh well.  You probably know).  This was forcibly borne in upon me when in a couple of days, I got two follows on this blog, for which I am grateful!, in Arabic.  I watched my stomach clench as my brain said, Oh boy, this is IT.  “They” will ….they, who?, will do what, exactly? I mean, really? I get hits from all over the world, amazingly, and sometimes from places we’re “supposed” to fear.  (The many Russian hits are generally hacks and ripoffs from my website to porn sites, big surprise. Flower pictures, right?)  Don’t ask me what allure this bear’s life holds but there it is.  It’s kind of like when the sheriff drove up that day and clearly realized we’re just a couple of old hardheads and no arrest could, in any universe, be forthcoming for any reason.  ANYWAY the whole thing made me a bit more tense when I found that Google Translate would not let me cut and paste any language to be translated, as it usually does when such things come up.  Maybe it’s my antediluvean laptop. Finally I figured out that I could drag the text over and? Guess what? All of it was WONDERFUL poetry.  Beauty and expression thereof, carrying on a long tradition.  One person I couldn’t get enough blog translated to be able to leave a comment since, not reading Arabic, I couldn’t figure out where that might be.  So I very much hope they don’t think I am being rude.  I often wonder what would have happened to both Christianity and Islam had Capitalism not inserted its noxious snout- perhaps the inherent love at the base of both might have gotten the upper hand.  However, alas, it did and has and now? What the heck has happened to us that the simple act of reaching out and sharing one’s thoughts about reality becomes questionable and prone to causing wonder about who else might be “looking”.  At the same time I was filled with a kind of huge radiant joy at knowing there are people, everywhere, who do create beauty and strive for truth.  And  some of that was shared with me.

So.  Swinging between the twin poles of CHUFFED (followers! who write wonderful things!) and OH DEAR (fire, dog spots, dastardly politics) I turned to my latest obsession: Dulce de Leche.  Traditionally it is made of goat’s milk which is caramelized into total fabulousness.  It is also made quite simply by putting a can of Eagle Brand in a water bath for 40 minutes or so until it becomes thick and caramelized.  It being so hot and all ice cream seemed like the obvious solution for such a preoccupation.  Also I did not want to find that I’d eaten a whole can of Eagle Brand by itself.

The first batch was good, even if the experiment of caramelizing the Eagle Brand in the microwave went just. a. tiny. bit. awry.  The valiant and elderly microwave needed to be cleaned anyway and of course I expect this sort of things-reaching-past- their-assigned boundaries as routine.  The next time I started early in the morning on one day, using the stove, and putting the resulting cooked can into the refrigerator.  When it was cool enough a day or so later to even think about again turning on the stove, this is what I did:

1 cup of milk with the thickened Eagle Brand mixed in, heated slowly.  Three egg yolks beaten, tempered, and stirred in until spoon was properly coated.  Into the refrigerator with that.  About three hours later I mashed up a cup and a half of strawberries from the garden, put a tiny bit of sugar in them, and let them rest for a couple of hours.  A few drops of vanilla into the custard, berries mixed in, and into the ice cream freezer.  The Partner says it’s the best strawberry ice cream he’s ever had, and I think he may be right.  Now, if I can just convince the Dog that he’s not being punished by the now total absence of cheese treats, potato treats, and Daddy’s leftover milk from cereal, and get him to come out from under the table, all may yet be well.  May the Poetry be with you! and as always, blessings and thanks!

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  1. I hope that the people you care for gets better and healthier soon ❤️

    And i must tell you that google translation is not so accurate , so if you want me to translate anything for you don’t hesitate to ask, please !


    • thank you so much! and so far everyone IS better. miracles in a way.
      can i ask for the translation in the comments section? if i can find it…..
      i know google translate is not so good! but i would LOVE to be able to
      read you.


      • Sure
        You mean you want me to translate my own blog pages in the comments section ?
        Or there is a specific page you’d like me to translate ?
        Either way i’m glad to do so ❤️

  2. This seems like a lot of work for you but…I would LOVE to be able to read you….how about if I….ask in the comments section of specific posts? if i can find it (ahem) and then you can fill me in? this is so terrific of you. I’m following you now so this SHOULD work! Thank you!!!!!!!


  3. probably the most enlightening thing about living in Cyprus is the opportunity to interact with people from all of ‘those’ countries (along with people from literally everywhere who pass through here for one reason or another). they are very well mannered, often well educated, humble yet quick to offer knowledge/skill and in no way wear their home customs on their sleeve – except, of course, the women who choose to wear the hijab and full dress and i see *no* animosity betwn the women who do and who do not (about 50/50, btw). they speak multiple languages, they greatly revere several christian saints, they are nothing like their politicians. i wish so much that americans could experience Reality as it is for All the Others living on this blue marble.

    anyway, i like to think that all of your recent ‘downloads’ came just in time for you to walk this section of path and you must be doing it right – delightful treats for the mind and body are proof. i keep hearing that refrain lately: if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need….and now we know what works for you! 😀


    • So true, dear Neptune! Exposure is crucial, and I am so grateful to have had the experiences I’ve had- the Bay Area has everybody from everywhere, and then some, so I was fortunate enough to meet so many people, and their families, cook with them, get slips from their gardens…..Apparently it takes a bit of imagination to grasp the Unity of us all just on one’s own. Weird. Never have understood that at all. Why fear what you know nothing about? People just shut joy out of their lives without a second- or perhaps first?- thought. I too wish more in this country would understand the realities of the world, but also know that not everyone here is as totally jerky as it may seem. We all, in the end, want the same things after all.
      Anyway, we’re surviving download world with more squash fritters and tonight, some falafel. This is just too wild a ride not to enjoy it as much as possible, right? XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


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