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Sun and Smoke

EVERYTHING is on fire around us.  The smoke  made the sunset sky night before last look like a gigantic bruise, and in the days it muffles the line of sight to the point of nothingness.  We’re remaining calm, right? Everything is tinder around here and on our hill there being only one way out, we’re thinking positively.  No lightning due for a minute, anyway.

Meanwhile, my goodness.  I quit paying attention to the news for two seconds and look what happens.  Ryan as vice presidential contestant, the shocking revelation that the average Republican has apparently been exposed to absolutely no science or logic at all and thus have managed to drag the level down even further on every level where they are to be found.  As a woman, I must say their interpretation of human biology is…quite surprising.  Jumping nekkid into the Sea of Galilee on the taxpayer’s dime is another uplifting episode,too.

It seems to me that the eternal standoff between good and evil (just to TOTALLY OVERSIMPLIFY) is proceeding apace.  My own life is rattling along with pieces large and small falling away from it,  and in a world where cows are fed meat and fish eat chicken, and a country where it is crucially important that we be able to purchase assault rifles but can’t get medicine without an insurance company deciding it’s okay…well.  It’s all getting a bit apocalyptic for my taste.

Which made me think about how difficult we humans find change.  Let’s say you give up a long standing bad habit.  You know it’s bad, you know you feel better without it, but still….it follows you around trying to lure you back.  The comfort of old thought patterns, even if negative, exerts a pull. People can get “stuck” in these situations.  The future is a complete unknown except that what you DO know is that bad habit really, really needs to go.  Like fossil fuel, for example, or codependent relationships. We KNOW we’re destroying the earth and we keep doing it.  We KNOW we’re doing violence to our own hearts and souls, and we keep doing it.  The funny thing is, though, that however terrifying it all is or may be, once you actually do step into the supposed unknown which is really more like the unadulterated present, somehow it’s not quite as frightening as staying in the old tied up position.  One may still be afraid but it is a different ball game, different situation, and ultimately the fear can become guidance rather than leg irons.

Still.  It is difficult to be in such a different part of the journey from what was known before, and to be in such a different part of it that some people can’t even see you any more.  This is where, I think, real faith comes in.  Faith is about inner knowing, inner trust in things unseen and ungrasped perhaps.  Faith comes from spirit.  Faith does not, in my estimation, come from authority, from people telling you HOW IT IS.  None of us on some level really knows doodly about how it is, why we’re here, what’s going to happen next.  In order to have control, feel important, have power, structures have arisen that feed upon this “authority”, and in our world they masquerade as “religion” or “morality”.  In fact they are nothing of the sort, and more like blinders that get attached first thing to keep people from thinking for themselves.

So, to all of us here on Earth, everyone everywhere- start thinking.  Start being curious, start simplifying.  Start with simple, direct talk to yourself.  Start from love- and this also means not accepting what is not good for you, in having compassion and love for yourself along with everyone else, and every THING else as well.  It really isn’t easier not to do this- we just think it is.