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While I’m At It I’m Still Mad

Who will police the police?  as Juvenal asked centuries ago.  To whom is Major League Baseball responsible: To whom do they answer and who makes the rules?  The MLB is sort of the OG of baseball now:  It’s like they cruise around the game in black Navigators with tinted windows.   

You never hear their actions being discussed or questioned.  Heck: They’re WAY more untouchable than an Umpire.  Top down and that is it.  ( No wonder George Bush still wants to be Commissioner of Baseball.  Perfect for him: No supervision, no rules, no questions. Lots of power and no vehicle code. )  I can’t help but think there is more to the Manny situation than meets the eyeball.  And the people who are bringing him to task don’t have to provide any answers on their end.  I don’t like it.  It just feels wrong, and it’s not altogether clear which part of it smells the worst. 

It may seem strange, Gentle Reader, that your Humble Herbalist gets completely and entirely torched off about this.  I didn’t really appreciate Manny much initially until I started paying attention to how he played the game.  Baseball is a game I really love- and I am most definitely not a sports fanatic.  Almost everything else, ho hum.  But baseball.  Baseball is like life, it’s zen like in a way.  Anything can happen , things go as they go.  Concentration and focus in the now is what counts.  Plus dedication, preparation, loving it.  For all that I respect Manny.  For mucking around with the one thing besides cooking that saves my sanity every year, that first crack of the bat is like the ice thawing on a river for me, I don’t respect MLB.  They could have dealt with this without humiliating Ramirez, if indeed a problem even exists.  But they chose to do something that punishes him publicly, to my mind for who he IS as much as anything.  It’s bad for baseball if you ask me.  Even if you don’t.

OK Now I Am Really Mad

I’m sorry, Gentle Reader, but this suspension of Manny Ramirez for 50 games is just not right.  I think, really? It is a big case of sour grapes.  An example of the stabbing hand coming out from behind the curtain.  Manny is, essentially, an example of the better ball player all around, over all, period, and has been since he was a kid.   He works hard.  He doesn’t dance to anybody’s tune, particularly.  He loves baseball.  People are jealous.  This suspension totally stinks.

He tested positive for a “prohibited substance.” Which we found out after alot of blather and malarkey from commentators was linked to elevated testosterone.  The commentator said, one, he’s playing better than he has since his late 20’s as though that was indicative of wrongdoing.  JEEEEZ.  Maybe he’s just happy? Ever think of that?  Out of the grip of the Red Sox Nation at last, in California, playing for a  great Manager?  Another commentator said, there’s no real reason a man would take this drug.  Again, wrong.  Many men actually DO supplement their testosterone.  Do your research.  It isn’t just to pop the seams on your shirt, it is to maintain proper over all hormonal and organ function.  Further, two other players take this same stuff, but since they Asked Permission, it’s OK.  I guess Manny just went to his doctor all by himself, without having anybody else in the room with him.  Hooooo boy. Naughty.  The fact that he didn’t issue a torrent of words about this is damning, according to these guys, too.  Manny is not a stupid individual.  He wouldn’t take something that could wreck his career; he also knows how the deck is stacked, I’m betting.  He went to school in Boston, after all.  Since he didn’t say MLB may I? the result is no mystery, and to me his response was gracious, dignified,  and clear.  And enough.  The whole question of the use of pharmaceuticals in sports is far from clear, but this is no way to provide clarity.  If it’s OK to take this if you tell someone, then it’s OK to take it.  It’s nobody’s business, really, if you are taking things that actually can support your body.  Things that give you temporary “advantages” should be screened for and dealt with.  Manny’s record speaks for itself.  He is someone who plays great baseball.  He doesn’t NEED to give himself an advantage.  He’s a natural.   In keeping with that, he’s a different breed of cat, for sure.  That doesn’t mean he’s dishonest and it doesn’t mean he’s a cheater.

To me, this is a witch hunt.  Los Angeles baseball fans? Get up and let these people know loud and clear the Dodgers will prevail regardless of this ridiculous episode.  I guess if it has to be, July 5th is a good day to come back, Manny:  Fireworks.