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After Satori, the laundry

It really is a never ending world of wonders, Gentle Reader.

So, I’m a bit hurried today and pressed for time, but I think any time a person has good news to report, it’s probably worth just doing it.

The thing of it is we are, indeed, as Plotinus noted, walking through a world thronged with gods and demons.  Picking our way through all this can be hard, and if we (as many do) pretend that what we’re seeing isn’t there, it probably just gets harder.  Then there’s denial.  Which is not, as we know, a river in Egypt.  It was, apparently,  a place I spent WAY too much time in though, so when at this somewhat late date the lights went on, it was pretty challenging for this bear.  But a sequence of events unfolded this past week that can only be explained as an outpouring of grace.  Love in action, in short.  I finally understood all the way through that fear keeps us in prison.  Limiting beliefs stunt our growth.  There is magic everywhere for us, but we have to be able to accept it and also understand it in the context of our own finite lives.  This understanding was given to me in the form of a few days that went from sheer hell to feeling as though I were bathed in Light and….even though everything is a mix of everything, light and dark, up and down, all of that- we are moving toward what I’ll call…hmmm…..what WILL I call it? The ineffable, ever present, Truth.  We can be distracted by what could be seen as “false” light, thinking that the world we create around us with machines and buildings and how we fit everyone around us into a format is ultimate reality.  But the real thing is beyond our understanding in a way- we can be it, we can feel it, but we can’t know it.  Once one gets a real lungful of that air?  Even though you know the road is full of obstacles and the difficulties are still there somehow it is a whole new ball game.  We can move toward being in harmony with that ball game, instead of being in competition inside it.

Now I have to decide about the laundry.  To do? or not to do?  And, also, give a thank you to those who comment and read here.  I really do believe that, no matter how dark the situation, we can move forward, and we can little by little befriend all our fellow creatures and thus make a better world. I’m more certain now that we really can do this than ever.  It just means we have to put down our weapons and breathe for a while.  A lot of times all it takes is a deep breath and a willingness to compromise.  In some instances of course it takes more but even then?  If we stick to Love instead of Hate, I’m sure we can do it.  We really do know what to do, after all.