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fight the power

AS in the old Isley Brothers song, Gentle Reader.  I won’t bore you with tales of unscrupulous, if church going, wood sellers or psycho white supremacist phone repair guys.  Suffice it to say that I have retained my composure in the stress spots, there is more right sized wood than before and the phone IS working, even if the level in the vodka bottle has gone down, along with my supply of patience.

But.  The good news continues to be the natural world.  Every morning now the Siskiyous and Mt. Shasta are PINK.  PINK!!!! ( I’d take a picture but it currently takes both hands to keep The Dog in line.)  Covered with snow for the first time in a long time, the sunrise bathes them in a truly otherworldly peach glow.  It’s like being on the inside of a song.  Two days ago there were lemniscate clouds over the Siskiyous: mountains diamond white in the sunrise, clouds pink, then back to normal in a fleeting moment.  That’s where the focus goes these days, really.  On the Pink.

thank you, peter tosh

The morning after I came home from the hospital, I woke up with Tosh’s voice in my head, singing “the mighty God is a living man/now you’ve seen the light/stand up for your rights.”

This gave me a bit of pause, Gentle Reader, as you might imagine.  Why then?  Who even knew I remembered that song? Or, more importantly, how incisive and “right” Marley’s lyrics always were?  Anyway, I thought about it to the limited extent available to me at that point.

For one thing.  Stand up for your rights.  I realized that this does NOT mean those ego based rights people think of so often- when I was Slave Girl to the Divorce and Bankruptcy Courts there appeared to be an almost endless stream of people coming in to the attorney’s office clutching soft drinks with gnats in them, waving them in my face and in loud voices asking what their “rights” were in such egregious situations.  (I was not altogether sweetness and light at such times.  Often I said, well, you have the right to party! paraphrasing yet another song.)  So, no.  Not those sorts of rights.  What it seemed to mean to me was that once that larger awareness dawns, you see what is actually “right”, and that is what you must stand up for.  Not so much just your place in line, but everyone’s place in that line.

Then there’s the thing of the mighty God being a living man.  I’m starting to think the Greeks probably had it pretty correctly viewed: THEIR Gods were all over the place and far from incorruptible even if for the most part infallible.  In this perspective, divinity itself has foibles.  Those foibles result in things that we as humans don’t understand and as a result resist.  Which leads to all the hilarity that normally ensues in the course of a day.

And more, if the mighty God IS a living man, then that means that EVERYTHING is divine since we have seen the divine and he is us.  All of us.  Foibles and all.  I contrasted this with the Christian, Catholic setting I had just been released from.  In that paradigm, pain, fear and suffering are the tools of the trade.  You are to believe that a “loving God” sends his son to earth to be pulled to pieces, in essence. You yourself are punished constantly for some amorphous and unknown “sin” (which with a bit of research seems to largely involve sex and poverty- check out Martin Luther’s screed on who was possessed by devils, for example) of which you probably have no concrete memory but for which you must atone 24/7.  In all of this, only God is divine.  I’ve always had problems with this paradigm because it seems to smack, perhaps even stink, of hierarchical, top down, patriarchal process.  The good things are at the top, and where are all of us?  Not, Gentle Reader, at the top.  Nature is, of course, deeply suspect and right there? We should all be very suspicious indeed.  How can the very source of our beings, what feeds and nourishes us and regales us with beauty,  be evil and require such religious scouring as to be death defying?

So.  Even though I fell into a pretty deep pothole post-hospital, I think it did provide clarification of a sort- or perhaps just proof of how far around and beyond the bend one is.  I think, no, really I’m sure, that “religion” is a means of control, plain and simple.  The realization of what is truly divine is something available to us all, and it IS what we all are.  We are all pieces of a mighty divinity and it would certainly be nice if we could remember that a bit oftener than we do.  The fact that there ARE foibles and places we don’t get it doesn’t mean anything except there’s more to see and learn and we shouldn’t bog ourselves down with opinions. ( In that vein, I’m almost over my screaming meemees about the anesthesiologist.  We live in hope and progress is always possible.  I may yet be reunited with the garden shears! ) But I am still wondering what is to be done about the complete insanity we see all around us, and how much longer we’ll really survive as a species if we don’t start putting the truly divine before the clearly profane. I think polar bears and clean water and the Arctic and the people of Syria and Baltimore- ALL OF US- are a HELL of a lot more important and divine than the profanity of profits those at the top derive from the suffering they are inflicting on us all.  Doesn’t it seem as though if we all just stopped collaborating with this paradigm it might make a difference?

Don’t Look Back

Words to live by, Gentle Reader.  Orpheus didn’t listen and look what happened to him.  I’m not sure exactly why it is better to keep going without looking over one’s shoulder once you’ve embarked on the journey, but from personal experience I can say it is so.

The days melt into each other around here.  All the things I meant to write about recently:

-The smoke trees appearing by the river and in clumps among willows and oaks, with their diaphanous rose fire color.

-The goats, of course.  The babies on the main road discovered a tipped over stock tub last week and the triumphant climbs! The racket inside!  Our older goat friends, the Chub Group, have full beards and longer horns now and as they lounge around their yard or equably share paper bags between them they are indeed splendidly parliamentary.

-It’s hot again, which on the positive side means we can hang laundry on the line to dry instead of trekking into the dreaded laundromat.  Yesterday’s foray into clean clothes was rendered quite exciting indeed, first involving disrupting a frog household atop the washer.  While I was trying not to step on any frogs, Tyrant came zooming around the yurt at eye level, making full bore hummingbird buzz sounds and facing me so his red gorget was right in my nose.  For some odd reason I thought “ambulance? fire engine?” at first and then got to wonder for the rest of the day if I haven’t totally lost it at last.  Instead, I’m just being bossed around by birds, since it was his subtle way of telling me the feeder was empty.  FINE.

-The green of the trees is unbelievable and changing by the moment.  But at the beginning, the green on the new oak trees is sublime, unimaginable really.  Indescribable, like being in the middle of a big green heart.  You can feel it in the dark too, underneath the sky which seems more full of stars than ever lately.  Also, there’s an owl.

However, about not looking back.  I suppose it may be a big part of being in the “now”, ?.  I had to give many of my plants away when we came here, and was a bit taken aback when I saw the orchids a few days ago at the friend’s where they now live.  They were blooming, spectacularly, and the chartreuse one, which was always my favorite, looked amazing.  I burst into tears, and it all really hurt.  A lot. Even though I couldn’t really put words to the pain.

Life is full of loss, but you can’t focus on that.  What’s gone is gone.  What is, is.  That’s pretty much it, and if you’ve got anything to do in your life that’s pretty basic operating system.  It takes energy to maintain focus, and wisdom to maintain balance.  So if lately I’ve been feeling like an exhausted dumbbell, that’s just part of what IS.   Things are fitting together more, at the same time, and perhaps the only comfort is looking at what I’ve managed to accomplish in the ongoing Whole Catastrophe.  And the way I can look at that is to look at what I’m actually doing NOW. This puts the past where it belongs, really: In the past.   It’s hard to describe this sensation of flux; it’s like waking up every day a different shape and finding out what that does.  As long as I can stay “in” that, I’m ok.  But when things creep in from the past and say, hey! remember how it USED to be?, it still gets pretty wobbly.

When I think about the complexity of being human and living, along with how “simple” it is in essence (in terms of if you really live by “do no harm”, things are much more straightforward), I wonder how any of us make it at all.  Everyone is moving at their own pace, subject to their own pressures and elations, and we’re all doing it at the same time, and sometimes?  The directions get a bit switched around and oppositional and then?  There is inharmoniousness!  The ability to navigate through this comes with time and a lot of practice- it has to be second nature and not something you look back to remember.   You have to be able to let go of a lot of stuff, on the spot.  How important is this? What really needs to be done?  Where is the truth of the situation instead of the glamour?

Confucius said comparisons are odious, and at times I agree.  Comparisons place things squarely in the field of opposites and that isn’t always the way it is.  One person’s story, although they think it is truth, may be just a figment of their developing issues.  People have all sorts of ideas about who and what they are.  They’re just not always true.   What is true, perhaps, is that the more you learn, the more there is to know and the more you realize you don’t know much at all.  Every life skill you master leads to another level of difficulty needing to be learned about.  I guess the thing of it is to greet it with joy and acceptance; I think you see more clearly when you’re not compressed and afraid, in any event.

In that spirit, I’m going to continue my epic Bring Feng Shui To The Yurt efforts.  Back to sorting boxes in the storage shed, one more time.

First, We Kill All the Bees

I’ve long suspected that the carving up of the world economy post world war two laid the foundation for a huge amount of the effery we experience today.  Think, for example, about all the chemical and pharmaceutical  companies who to a greater or lesser extent played both ends against the middle during that conflict- and came out winners.  Nice people, as Harry Shearer says, doing nice things.

Bayer, for example.  Bayer who makes aspirin, and Bayer who makes pesticides.  Bayer, whose stout denial that their products were KILLING bees has proven to be on the same level of truth as Dupont’s protestations about dioxin and everything else they make.   Well, actually: the stuff Bayer makes doesn’t actually kill the bees, Gentle Reader.  No, it just CONFUSES them so they can’t find their way home.  Totally different thing, altogether…. isn’t it?

So, I’ve been wondering.  Just, exactly, how stupid do you have to be to do  this?  Kill something that is absolutely essential to  survival, know you are doing it, lie about doing it, and just carry on in umbrage when anyone points out you’re essentially destroying life on the planet.  I mean, seriously.  Bees are not optional, negotiable, or insignificant.  And we now get another round of petition signing and congress-person contacting and all the rest of it.  Just to try and stop these miserable lying sacks of excuses for human beings from continuing to, essentially, kill all of us.   With all this stuff that’s perfectly safe and poses no danger to health.  Which, may be true actually.  After all the pesticides have been sprayed and the nuclear waste from Fukushima et al has floated around the entire globe, there won’t BE any health to worry about.  Or food, of course, because- no bees.  Then these masterminds can go in pursuit of some other planet to screw up.  What a plan!

None for me, thanks.  Now, attitude adjustment time…..back, at least for today, to learning how to live in an ever expanding field of opposites, all of which are composed of myriad opposites within opposites themselves, vast fields of energy and life in motion.  Learning, essentially, how to look past duality and move with the whole thing, wherever it’s going.  There will, as usual, be cooking involved since that’s the only thing that seems to work for me these days in terms of finding some kind of center- really, why can’t that center be caramel?  Or chocolate ganache.  Or tacos?  Seriously.   I can get behind THAT.