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About the Rice Cooker

Well, we’ve had many adventures the past few days, lots of push pull and all the rest of it.  Instead of all the brilliant understandings I came to after an extended period in Meltdown Central, and lazily did NOT get up and write down and thus have somewhat forgotten and which will perhaps be attended to tomorrow- we’ll address the previously promised subject of the rice cooker.  Which, of course, has you jumping up and down and going, At last! Tell us everything!

When the Partner came into my life, he came bearing a Martin Yan rice cooker.  I had always thought rice cookers were silly, WHICH JUST SHOWS YOU WHAT I KNOW.  (Also demonstrated in my last post. *sigh*)  However, after a few years of use and live and learn, I can now say that this rice cooker is practically the best thing ever.  Ever.  It is amazing.  It produces perfect rice, and holy cow.  If you follow instructions? Amazing.  I finally started soaking my basmati rice for about 20 minutes before cooking, like it says in the..instructions…and using butter instead of olive oil.  Now I Am A Rice Genius.  All because of this stellar piece of equipment.  You can even make risotto in it.  And sweet potato, saffron, tomato or artichoke heart rice.   And the beauty is that after the initial soaking? You turn it on and IGNORE IT.  Which I really like.

So tonight in the midst of my dis-inspiration post re-entry into earth’s atmosphere, we’re having roasted vegetable chickpea curry.  Over wonderful, individually tasty and non-stuck to pan, rice.   We’ll discuss the armed struggle it took to get this written another time.  Thank you, Gentle Reader.