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Morning, with fire drill

Time, of late, has had a strange aspect, largely able to be described accurately by today’s blog title.  Each day goes by like a carousel on steroids with mirrors and light bulbs whizzing off the structure at each revolution, each week seems not to start so much as end before one knows it, and yet.  A week ago seems like decades past.  Given that each day seems to include its own high impact and large magnification occurrences Requiring Heroic Endeavor, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been in-country too long.

So.  Aside from having every waking moment taken up with must-do tasks, I’ve been thinking a lot.  Which may or may not be a good thing.  Something must be going on since I’ve been cooking even though there really isn’t time for it: Moroccan tomato stews, Chinese one dish  extravaganzas (who knew? Kung Pao is doable at home and simple!), vegetable soups and tarts.  During all this I THINK I’m trying to figure out…just what happened to create the point in time that seems to be the here and now. Not just for me personally (although: YE GODS.  What a year so far….).  Even as I see how really different my thinking is from, let’s say? the average?, it’s also ever clearer to me how completely one we all are.  The past may be prologue but it doesn’t look like it helped anybody figure anything out much so far, so what the heck.  Time for some plot analysis.

There may be some of that shortly, at least I’m hoping so because this wandering in the wilderness of WTF gets tiring.  However, there was the Giants winning the World Series (!), and, after the rains here, small flocks of bluebirds and yellow finches sharing the top of a silver tarp filled with raindrops outside our front door.  The little deer are still eating the greens outside the bedroom area, even though some person sunk in unconsciousness shot their mother.  They seem to be doing OK though, growing and losing their spots, sticking together.  There seems to be a continuing pattern to things (Sheldrake’s habitual nature?) that if we could but keep in mind, might reveal still more vistas, and maybe, just maybe, provide some fresh air- enough to propel us out of the Field of Opposites that threatens to ensnare everything, endlessly and invisibly.   Anyway.  Just checking in.  And sending blessings to all.  If I figure anything out, Gentle Reader, you’ll be the first to know.

After Satori, the laundry

It really is a never ending world of wonders, Gentle Reader.

So, I’m a bit hurried today and pressed for time, but I think any time a person has good news to report, it’s probably worth just doing it.

The thing of it is we are, indeed, as Plotinus noted, walking through a world thronged with gods and demons.  Picking our way through all this can be hard, and if we (as many do) pretend that what we’re seeing isn’t there, it probably just gets harder.  Then there’s denial.  Which is not, as we know, a river in Egypt.  It was, apparently,  a place I spent WAY too much time in though, so when at this somewhat late date the lights went on, it was pretty challenging for this bear.  But a sequence of events unfolded this past week that can only be explained as an outpouring of grace.  Love in action, in short.  I finally understood all the way through that fear keeps us in prison.  Limiting beliefs stunt our growth.  There is magic everywhere for us, but we have to be able to accept it and also understand it in the context of our own finite lives.  This understanding was given to me in the form of a few days that went from sheer hell to feeling as though I were bathed in Light and….even though everything is a mix of everything, light and dark, up and down, all of that- we are moving toward what I’ll call…hmmm…..what WILL I call it? The ineffable, ever present, Truth.  We can be distracted by what could be seen as “false” light, thinking that the world we create around us with machines and buildings and how we fit everyone around us into a format is ultimate reality.  But the real thing is beyond our understanding in a way- we can be it, we can feel it, but we can’t know it.  Once one gets a real lungful of that air?  Even though you know the road is full of obstacles and the difficulties are still there somehow it is a whole new ball game.  We can move toward being in harmony with that ball game, instead of being in competition inside it.

Now I have to decide about the laundry.  To do? or not to do?  And, also, give a thank you to those who comment and read here.  I really do believe that, no matter how dark the situation, we can move forward, and we can little by little befriend all our fellow creatures and thus make a better world. I’m more certain now that we really can do this than ever.  It just means we have to put down our weapons and breathe for a while.  A lot of times all it takes is a deep breath and a willingness to compromise.  In some instances of course it takes more but even then?  If we stick to Love instead of Hate, I’m sure we can do it.  We really do know what to do, after all.

First, the news…..

We’re watching FAVELA RISING at the moment, or the Partner is and I’m …multi-tasking.  It’s inspiring and dispiriting at the same time, of course, this film.  Incredibly, I think, worth seeing.  It kind of embodies everything in this post (more eloquently of course), plus there is SPECTACULAR drumming.  This post does not have any sound effects at all, since you, Gentle Reader, cannot hear either the intermittent gun shots nor the honking loud truck up on the ridge.

*sigh*.  Just when I was feeling a bit, tiny, tiny, tiny bit better about President Obama.  The Partner wanted to hear the State of the Union speech; he was surprised that I couldn’t have cared less.  We tried streaming it but our internet provider (who I now hate, thoroughly.  I can’t even update my software on this…”service”.) is not quite up to streaming, or much else.   So I read the speech out loud.  We both thought it had some good stuff, Maynard.  Along with the mention of the “small business owner in rural America who can’t sell HER (!) products abroad” (this was connected to an internet topic, but still…), it seemed to contain some common sense, cogent ideas.  So when I saw today that, yes you gullible kids, even though SOPA and PIPA went down, President Obama had already signed in on an agreement that required no Congressional or Judicial oversight or approval at all, LAST OCTOBER, that provides for the mandate of all (as in every single one) ISPs to maintain total information about everything you do on line, and terminate your connection and ability thereto if you violate their rules.  Which of course….are meant to protect the Intellectual Property…of….wait for it!…. all the people who were backing SOPA and PIPA.  Pharma, Entertainment.  Etcetera.   Many countries have already signed on, and apparently the EU and Mexico have indicated that they will sign.  Sometime.

More uplift? Not so much.   It made me a bit crazed for a minute, that revelation.  But then I remembered this.  One of the really big things the Internet has done is allow people all over the world to relate to each other on a peer level.  Share their concerns and realities.  Work toward solutions.  Realize, in short, that we are not alone- we are really all together.  I think about the indomitable spirit out there among all who struggle with the daily obstacles of poverty, injustice, who work toward a better world for all in whatever way they can.  So I decided to take the Dalai Lama’s advice: No reason for too much worry.   I think we will all do just fine, because we’re already doing the work.  Once the inner uproar subsides and the inner back relaxes back down, it can be seen that all this negative, let’s just say it: evil, stuff will sink under its own weight, as those who strive for the good keep moving in the right direction.   Not without cost, but without giving up on truth, and beauty, and love.  No matter what.

And here we are finally at the initial thinking of today.  The Partner is a carpenter, builds houses and all sorts of things.  He was talking about how wood has to be a certain percent dry before building in order for the house to be stable.  Too wet, it’s bad, too dry, also bad.  The resonance of the place is off because the parts are energetically, so to speak, out of synch, so things don’t fit together in the end.  Everything is moving after all, everything has magnetic and electrical currents.  So when a house isn’t in synch with itself, the materials are not really integrated with each other-  it probably won’t be with you either. It is like when you’re looking for a place to live and some places make you really comfortable, others make you want to run and hide.    Out of synch things don’t last as long or as well, either.  Recently I also read a study that discovered (amazing, but there it is that such a thing as this has to be “discovered”) far better health outcomes for poor people who were placed in attractive and harmonious surroundings.  I mean: it doesn’t take much to realize that someone is going to do a whole lot better with their asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes or whatever it might be if they’re living in a well maintained, reasonably safe, light, clean, pleasing to look at place.  Instead of being crammed into some apartment in a dangerous location.   What all this said to me was that we live in a society, a culture, that expects- demands, really- that you do whatever is in front of you whether it is in accord with you or not.  You do a beastly job and you’re thankful because you’re not starving, or on a somewhat higher level you dog paddle because you can buy things you think will make you happy.  You cross borders illegally to work, or you live apart from your family because that’s where your good job sent you.  Or the new one you got after being unemployed sent you.  You live wherever you can find a place, and this can range from awful squalor to simply a cramped place in a neighborhood you like if that’s the level you’re at on the monetized scale.  You may buy a house because of the staging or the prestige of the location, not because you are comfortable in it and really like it yourself.   But nothing is really in synch, in accord, moving in complementary directions.  To me it means that we have a society in which people  are deeply out of touch with themselves, their real goals and aspirations, their physical realities; the prevailing paradigm reinforces that to a big extent.  So we have people who are physically unwell, mentally unwell, all because while we may say that individual rights are important, they really aren’t.  The pressure to do what you “have to” is overwhelming for many and their individuality lessens and lessens as a result.  From my point of view in terms of health particularly, we really do need to be mindful of what is in resonance with us, and what is not.  This is the first step toward awareness, which is what leads toward action of any kind, whether it is toward better health or a better attitude or a better school district, or whatever.  Action taken in resonance is right action because it is action that is in connection, properly, with what is around it.   Right action is what we all need, all the time.  It really isn’t that hard, once you take the first step.  And remember, No need for too much worry!

Quotidian Dilemmas

I WAS going to not even look at, not open, the laptop today.  Call it cafard.  But I woke up thinking about Chris Cleave’s novels (LITTLE BEE, INCENDIARY).  Things don’t work out so well for his characters, who live rather firmly in the real world (Nigeria, London, Osama bin Laden-influenced everywhere) even though we might prefer not to think so.  (That would mean that’s the world WE live in, after all.)  People are driven mad by the injustice they encounter, fate in a larger sense carries everyone in its’ torrent, and we can see that the larger energies in the world- even if and perhaps especially when they are unleashed by what we might call “politics”- do have some large and controlling power.  How, indeed, do we live in such a world?  Art, Craft, philosophy, actual thinking about things can help us stay afloat, I think.  In essence I think we live in such a world by digging deep into ourselves for sustenance and guidance.

We had been talking yesterday about Freud, the Partner and I.  You have to remember, said the Partner, that Freud was a GUY.  A brilliant, deep thinker who had something that had to come out of him- not something he particularly formulated.  What came out of him was basically a description of twentieth century man, not necessarily a key to human behavior. ( The Partner is a pretty smart guy, yes?).  I’m thinking specifically about Freud’s linking of almost EVERYTHING to sexual repression.  Guilt.  I took a seminar on him in college and thought, basically, if I had to read about how Dora “fingered her reticule” under therapeutic questioning just one more time…I’d go crazy.  But it did make me think about how this sort of characterization has become an accepted analysis of things in many ways.  And it may not be correct at all, or certainly not to the extent that our society has absorbed it.  The hierarchy of values Freud implied has manifested in the free for all, greed driven, unconscious motives to the front semi-catastrophe we call the world today. ( In my admittedly grossly oversimplified opinion.)

So, fast forward to this morning.  I’m thinking about the enormity of the things Cleaves writes about, and thinking about the enormous variation in people, things, EVERYTHING, that just is by nature.  It’s a bit of the luck of the draw what can happen to you, really, even though as humans I suppose we all want to feel more or less inviolable.  (Which is laughably and sadly not the case.)   Everyone is not, actually, equal and those who are “less equal” suffer the consequences- what happens. for example, to the baby who is born with gender disarray? or in the Sudan?  It’s a long road to the top if you want to rock and roll, Gentle Reader.  And we can find ourselves doing whatever we have to, to maintain our sanity.  Even if it makes us actually crazy. (the Partner, again.)

WHICH REALLY DOES LEAD US TO THIS MORNING.  We, the Partner and I, may be suffering from some dystopian dysphoria, as I suspect anyone would if they’d spent the past two years as we have.  But wrestling with reality every day is rigorous.  I thought about people who are imprisoned for their views or way of being, and of those who are able to come out of that experience ALIVE, unbroken and functional.  So these periods of being in the dark are, I thought,  in a way like involuntary confinement.  And seen in that light, keeping it together, ourselves together and sound to the greatest possible degree,  is a revolutionary necessity.  If we are to inhabit a better world, we have to make it so ourselves.  That can involve some tough sledding.  What we have to offer may be rejected regardless of its merit.  But we cannot give up what we know to be fundamental truths- about justice, fairness, equity, not violating everything that moves just because we can- under even the most challenging situations of pain and duress.  There is always a way.  That way may not be the one that gives the immediate reward, the sense of accomplishment, or even a sense of belonging to anything anywhere, and it can certainly be a way that causes those around you to perhaps Not Be Very Nice.  But there IS a way, there is a path, there is a tide, there is a time.  The patience required, and the surrender, is big.  But we’re doing something new, and also tremendously old, here.  Not reinventing the wheel, but finally understanding how to use it.