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Rain Delay

Of which there have been not a few.  So today I got to go to the laundromat, which is always a breathtaking showcase of How People Behave.  I will leave it to you to guess Just How That Is.  At least the clothes are clean and I didn’t lose anything, so, success.

I’m losing track of the days, Gentle Readers.  How long have we been at The Interesting Motel? We have the platform complete and the lattice and door are up.  Everything is tarped and we have to wait for it to stop raining at which point we’ll get to figure out how to raise the roof, so to speak.  Then there’s doing plumbing and kitchen and……. It seems unimaginably endless, but the bright spot from yesterday which was getting storage sheds means that at least we can get everything out of storage in Oakland and bring it to The Spot instead of….yeugh.  Backing and forthing and new storaging and hoo boy.  We had fun with those storage sheds, we did!  Had to rent a pickup and then when the load started shifting in the back on the freeway, had to pull over and rethink.  During which time the gearshift went into Safety, I”m Not Moving, Oh No mode.  Tattered nerves precluded remembrance of what to do in such cases, which is put your foot on the brake and shift.  So there was a fun call to UHaul Roadside Assistance, and a person whose name I THINK was Shaman took mercy on us and called me back before sending the road crew, giving the brake instruction, which after a certain amount of in the truck cab shouting actually worked.  Bless that person in perpetuity, let’s just say.

Meanwhile, there are yellow hummingbirds, wild turkeys, jackrabbits, curious lizards, and all kinds of creatures regaling us with their presence.  A posse of burros appeared on a hill one day and the baby goats are teaching each other how to jump up and down.  Our landlady’s dog has adopted us.  The mountains are shimmering, mysterious energies and pretty amazing.  

All in all it is hard to describe what this experience is like.  Kind of like getting shot out of a cannon and hurtling through space.  We returned the pickup today and the man in line in front of us was renting a truck too, and was asked what his “move to” address was.  He didn’t have a clue, he said.  It made me remember that a month ago I was in exactly that same place, and used exactly those same words.  Things work out and I suppose what happens is, in the end, the resistance gets dropped because it simply cannot be maintained.   I think about this project we’re engaged in and probably, if I were not so very tired, it would freak me out a bit.  But it seems right, somehow, and I’m learning that faith is about a lot more than you might think from watching the news.  It is about knowing that there is a sequence to things, you are part of that, and although you may not be able to see what is next, the important thing may be the process itself.  You always do get where you are going, even though mostly I don’t think any of us really know where that is-  so you may as well step lightly and consciously, and with appreciation.   That’s the plan for today, anyway.

Completely Unaffected by the Journey

I have a small Ren and Stimpy (remember them?) sticker that shows them both with their eyeballs bugging out and heads expanded to bursting, with the caption:  Here we are in the marvelous new world, completely unaffected by the journey.  Kind of how one feels at the moment, Gentle Reader.

It is Day One, we’re in Redding looking at beautiful snow covered mountains, waiting for Mt. Shasta to reveal itself through the clouds.  In a motel with limited hot water but internet.  Early insane asylum decor.  No pets allowed so we’re shushing the birds and skipping maid service.  Kitchenette (” “) but no utensils.  Ours are all packed and in storage, of course.   Lost in Space, redux.   Forget about those Yahoo ratings, people.  You take your chances.

This morning’s fun was finding out that the plans for the platform for the yurt we are about to build and live in are not usable here because the materials specified are, basically, only used on the East Coast.  So The Partner had to hunker down and redo the platform plan.  Not Happy, but he’s doing it. So far it’s gone from 46 pieces plus flooring stuff to 100 pieces…. The fantasy I had that we’d get the platform built BEFORE the yurt was delivered is turning into wispy smoke.  Still, it’ll be FINE.  JUST FINE.  The cel phone works, there’s a Trader Joe’s here, and we’re doing a lot of deep breathing.  Next up will be securing a mail box of some kind.  After all, one must keep getting all the bills.

This entire experience has been, we both agree, just about the worst ever.  Both of us have a lot of competition for that kind of designation, too.  But this has been a no holds barred, no expenses or options spared, trip to Hell.  And all so someone could keep $250k without paying tax on it.  Anyway, the numerous trips to our packed storage unit are complete, and of course I am wondering how we’ll get through unpacking it all but that comes later.  The storage place is kind of cool, as such places go- there’s a long wall that’s covered with murals by local Oakland taggers and spray painters.  It is really fantastic and I hope I remember to take pictures.  Philosophy and truth drawn by young men, much of it about their dead friends and what it’s like to live in the ‘hood.  The myriad details of moving and packing, and the trips to consignment stores to sell things we couldn’t fit in storage and were too good to sell at the multiple garage sales, are finished for the present.  We even scored a GREAT kilim rug, which is good because we are going to have a LOT of floor to cover. The plants are resting at a wonderful nursery and looked calm and healthy last week when I went to say goodbye for now. Later I’ll go back and teach some classes to pay for their keep.   The sight of people scavenging through our moveout  final dumpster and carting off things was astonishing, too.  A huge swirl of descending cyclists, pedestrians and cars, all carting things off with great delight.  It is quite a strange feeling to be completely without the things one normally has:  A home where you know where things are and can work and eat.  Earrings, for example.  Books.  Clothes.  Everything, really.  And, in a strange place.  The good thing about that is exploring of course and once we get through the next few weeks it should be really quite splendid.  There are bike trails and fish ladders and all sorts of things around here.

Which leads me to the next thing, which is how unsettling and painful all this is.  I’ve found out lately that many of my friends are experiencing similar kinds of blowups and blowouts, parents dying, divorces, foreclosures, many of us are “in storage” and definitely in flux.  When you’re not experiencing change it is easy to say how great it is.  When you are? A bit different.  The next person who quotes that thing to me about life must be a daring adventure or it’s nothing at all? Is going to get smacked squarely in the kisser.   These are tumultuous times and change is the order of the day for everyone, in truth.  I guess we at the remnants of Rancho Boozilla pull ourselves together thinking we’re at least in tune with it all.   Because we are, The Partner and the Girls and I, definitely whooshing down river at a startling pace.  We’ve had some truly awful fights but even those are actually instructive, being as how they are so often the product of both of us being exhausted and scared and overwhelmed.  Big lessons in taking a deep breath, stepping back and giving up the clinging and holding on to the old ideas and ways.  Big lessons in looking at what actually IS, and staying in the NOW instead of whining about the past or carping about the unknown future.  Big lessons in trust.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  But.  Eventually we will be living out in the country where we can see the sky through our dome topped dwelling, surrounded by trees and wild flowers.  The rest of it will reveal itself in due course.

Anyway, I decided to write about this because it has been such an incredible challenge.  For example.  I have a great credit score but no one in the Bay Area would rent to me because I’m self employed.  We looked at places to rent in Mendocino owned by Evangelicals who deemed us too corrupt to consider.  We went up hill, down dale, covered miles and miles of northern California, all while packing and sorting and trying to work and wondering what the hell was going to happen if we didn’t find a place to live.  Other areas, designated for apparent gentrification required staggering amounts of money for a shack and I am not even kidding.  No room at the inn, in short.  People even told us that they were working on the rental unit in question so their problem relative could move in six months down the road.  And that would leave us, um, homeless again. So, no.  I cried so much places swelled up around my nose I didn’t even know existed.

BUT.  We did, in the end, succeed in our mission.  We found a place and made a big change in our lives.  More of it to come, of course, plus the big summer fair we do which will require intense product preparation…will the kitchen be ready?   *sigh*  At this point I’m just hoping it’s sunny and above 56 degrees for the next several days so we can work outside without turning into frozen relics.  In the meantime,  I found today that the books I managed to bring are DUINO ELEGIES, Rilke, and GATE OF THE SUN, by Elias Khoury.  Apropos.