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Things That Go Bump In The Night

Karl Marx had it pretty well figured out, I’ve always thought.  Good concept, poor execution in terms of what Communism became.  But really, we have an outstanding example of “false class identification” in Herman Cain’s revealed strong connections to the Koch Brothers.  I’m sorry, but really.  How any black person could, let’s just say it, get in bed with people who have, even if you don’t get it, an avowed program that on its’ face is racist and sexist and capitalist in the worst sense of the word and aimed at maintaining, nay exalting, the very things that are corrupting our current system unto death.  These very things that keep the rich rich and the poor poor and everything that goes along with that., all over the world and which, not to put too fine a point on it, keep people uneducated and hungry and how many of those people are “of color”.  Ever wonder, Herman?  How corporate manipulation and power and greed have brought our beautiful earth to within a hair’s breadth of destruction, no matter how dark your designer shades are?  So to me this means that the pursuit of money, or the American Dream, causes people to completely lose touch with themselves, what makes them human, what gives them heart and life meaning.  Money ain’t ever gonna do THAT.  So there it is, another presidential candidate who’s actually a Replicant.  Not a Republican, Gentle Reader, but a Replicant.  Downright scary, if you ask me.

In related news, the moneyed classes are once again waving their pitchforks at medical marijuana; the California Medical Association voted this past week to endorse the position that there is little medical value, apparently, flying in the face of actual FACTS. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Our bad! It was the NIH that expressed the no use concept, and the California Medical Association came out in favor of medicinal use, and expanded studies on same.  So, kudos to them! and we’ll try to keep the fluff out of our ears in future] But we don’t need to pay attention to those pesky things!!! No Way!!!!   The Department of Justice has spoken and once again determined that This Menace Must Be Stopped and the good Medical Association, thinking for itself as usual, falls right in line.  After all, people are now, at the moment anyway in 16 states, able to get medicine they really need, safely, and people can actually generate income for themselves and their families, safely and honestly, by selling this medicine to dispensaries.  What the hell is going on here???  You should be happy to be in pain, suffer from your chemo, and also be unemployed, instead of embracing something that provides a wide variety of good things (like fiber for clothes and paper, oil, nutrition, medicine)?  Because some person at some high level some where thinks it’s a bad thing, which means they are also ignoring quite a substantial amount of not only research and study but thousands of years of anecdotal evidence?   Admittedly since we are continually having to deal with human beings things get much stupider than they should but that is no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Personally I think this continued ridiculous inclusion of marijuana as a controlled substance on the same level as heroin is because of one thing.  That one thing is that big pharma, big tobacco, big whoevers, haven’t been able to figure out a way to make all the money in this particular market.  They’re not likely any time soon to get a monopoly on seed stock.  They’re kind of shut out, so they’re taking their toys and going home.  Except they’re leaving their attorneys and tax collectors behind.

What else.  Let’s see.  Oh yes.  I went slightly berserk after last week’s Newsweek cover featured a plump, caucasian baby, with a related story about how people are getting sperm donated by using (ANOTHER FAVORITE AROUND HERE) social media to link up with sperm donors who arrive with penis massagers in tow to their local Starbuck’s, where…desired substance is produced and then strapped into place on the questing recipient’s interior region..So suddenly I saw in my mind’s eye another picture.  This picture was of another caucasian hand, holding in it an entire black forearm and tiny hand:  A small child, dying of starvation in Africa.  It seemed to me that your eyes would just turn to fire if you were someplace, where the babies’ arms look like twigs, going on and on past all that needless suffering, and those fire tears would turn into fury. All the people, all the animals, all the waters and land and trees, that are suffering needless agonies and desecrations.   And what do we do about THAT? Do we just continue populating and populating as though it doesn’t matter how many frigging people we put on this earth?  On this earth that is controlled by interests that both promote this situation, and care nothing for those in it, as long as their interests- financial of course- are served?  People who think they can sell RIVERS and patent potatoes?  The people and groups who do work to remedy these ills are surely overtaxed and although I am sure this is not a popular sentiment, wouldn’t it make better sense to contribute to helping the people who are already here instead of just continually making more?  This really is an issue that should be addressed in a serious and thoughtful manner.  So far I haven’t seen that happening.  Twenty percent of the children in THIS country live in poverty.  Think about the Congo.  Or Peru.  Isn’t that something that deserves attention?  What about everybody learning how to read? or having enough to eat?

Oh, dear.  I’ve ranted again.  But so many people never say what they really feel or think, and hide what they really are, and so many more appear not to really feel or think anything independently of what they’re propagandized about.  Sometimes one despairs.  Except my Rose of Sharon bloomed, finally, and it is BEAUTIFUL.  Hope springs eternal.


Well, a lot has happened as per usual.  From the surreal view of a stranded boat on the freeway (?) to the outstanding Quail family we saw early this morning (big, glossy, beautiful male and female, and eight little marshmallows scurrying behind them, all in beautiful deep blue and taupe and  head feathers) it’s enough to make you think.

I was sad to see that Amy Winehouse left this plane of existence.  I knew of another similar person who overdosed, purposely, that same day.  We had just watched Clint Eastwood’s “Bird” and it really made both of us think.  Sometimes those debilities are required in order for someone to be what they truly are.  A big gift and a big price to pay.

Unlike what we see before us in the so-called House of “Representatives”.  Lawmakers?  Don’t make me laugh.  It hurts too much.  And, Uh? They don’t represent ME.  I didn’t sign up to have government and cooperation, common humanity and culture,  dismantled so that the rich can keep their money.  If those same rich people are creating jobs? I ask you- WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?  I did not vote for a bunch of lackluster brains to stick to a position they’re holding out of fear and inability to look at truth.  Forget thinking, also.  NEWSWEEK had a picture of Boehner in it this week I could barely look at: the smugness, the immaturity.  This man is reveling in his power, ready to yank everyone in the world over the precipice for his…ideals?  This same guy and his cohorts are the ones who pretty much spent and “legislated” us into this hole we’re in.  Now they’re pretending they haven’t got the backhoe out.  I find it mind bogglingly difficult to comprehend that these…individuals…really don’t have any foresight.  None at all.  What the bleeding blue blazes do they think is going to happen NOW?  It seems to coalesce into something that is so unpleasant to contemplate it seems unbelievable.  But a moment’s thought shows that it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.  Every effort is being made to destroy organized labor, social services, health care, education, infrastructure, MAIL FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, and any freedom of choice as to personal conduct of one’s life.  This leaves something that makes Margaret Atwood’s THE HANDMAID’S TALE look like utopia.   The economic situation? Will be impossible.  The rich will still have their money, bless them.  But the rest of us, and our government, will be paying so much more than we’re already paying that it will in large part be simply undoable.  Then what?  These morons, excuse me, seem to think that a large group of people can function and, of course, a select few some of them, run the world, RIGHT? WE GOTTA HAVE THAT OIL, without any cohesive governance.  Talk about the great leap backwards.  But they’ve got an apparent number of people so brainwashed that they’re afraid of their own shadows and yes, their own ability to THINK.  We’re revisiting the 60’s and 70’s, Gentle Readers, when it was time to pick up the gun.  Even though we know that is the wrong thing to do, and that non violence, even though it takes a long time, is what works.  Still, when you think about the fact that our entire, crumbling and defective system, was coerced into shape by just these very capitalistic forces over the past 160 years or so, and consider that they are going to force power to be pried out of their cold, dead hands, it’s hard to know what to do.  I’m doing a lot of praying.