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It’s DARK Out Here

One of the interesting things about writing is how much other people actually would like you to do it in some other universe; one in which the time you are taking to write is happening somewhere far, far away and isn’t interfering with lunch.  Or anything.

However, as we know, Gentle Reader, we are here, now, and that is pretty much it.   While I’m pleased I can be disciplined enough to actually DO this, it’s still a tussle to cram it in along with everything else.  Also, given the fact that everything pretty much seems to be happening underwater lately the…uhm…brilliant ideas, cogent thoughts, incisive concepts or whatever floats through the mind making one think, oooooh, I’ll write that down…seem to be very far away and perhaps having a snow day.  Or several.  Cognitive dissonance, in short, is reigning supreme.  And tomorrow I have to bake, which is serious.  It’s time to lie down.  And also? It is PITCH BLACK out here.  New moon time in November.

Living The Dream

Seriously.  We’re pretty much speechless here at Rancho Boozilla but I am sure this will make some kind of good story in the end.  Meanwhile, the house hunt continues apace and unsuccessfully and let me just say? YE GODS.  If I have a nervous system left after this I will be grateful.

Anyway.  Just checking in, Gentle Readers.