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things and how they seem

When the Partner is in his Zone of Pontification, he says things are not as they seem.  However, we are both starting to realize that in fact many things are exactly as they seem, just not as they are described in today’s ever meaning-shifting language.

Two examples are the Electoral College which we mentioned previously- a relic of Civil War politics which pretty much assures gerrymandering will prevail barring some extraordinary turn of events. Turns out the Second Amendment which every Tom, Dick and Harry has posted on his driveway fence here, is also a relic of those politics, an earlier (1780?) institutionalization of slavery in the form of saying “well regulated militias” can bear arms.  I always wondered about the well regulated militia part- I mean, how does that connect with needing to shoot poisonous snakes out in the country at times? AND! IT DOESN’T! It connects, completely, with slaveowners in the South being able to pick up a gun and go after any enslaved individual uppity enough to make a run for it.  So that discord in your head? Is because this particular thing IS what it seems to be- a rule ensuring that somebody will always be able to shoot you if you go against their wishes.  And this, Gentle Reader, is in the Constitution.   While this may be an oversimplification, it is not an untruth.

Juggling that bunch of indigestible information with recent events has been challenging.

Then, as usual, events conspired to show a bigger picture.  The medical care to which we have access is not wonderful.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am grateful to have any access especially given the vigor with which certain “legislators” are going after getting rid of it entirely.  But it means the care we get is spotty and not very personal.  SO ANYWAY.  I have had certain health issues which were largely precipitated by the Hospital Hell of 2015.  I went to get this evaluated recently, and this evaluation, in which I told the person seeing me exactly what I wanted because that’s how they do it…there is no look at my situation and ensuing diagnosis…culminated in an email telling me I had something quite serious wrong with me.  This happens to be the something that killed my father (even though I only learned about it by having his obituary sent to me in a Christmas card).  There I was all of a sudden in a hall of mirrors with a flashing neon light saying IS IT TIME TO FREAK OUT YET.   Which, upon reflection, I realized is pretty much the norm now.  You get told that something is the way it seems…to someone else….and that’s the end of it.  It is then your option as to whether or not to stew about it or enjoin the battle for further information.

I admit I was rather surprised at the unease this whole thing generated.  However, nils desperendum.  Insisting on seeing the actual test results, I was able to see that in fact, this issue is “stable”, doesn’t require MORE medication, and is something that I can do something about with the  tool box I have.  My own diagnosis, in other words, was correct.  I gulped down that food for thought.

This really made me think about everything from economics to the fate of fresh air.  And what I continue to see is that we are all being encouraged to disenfranchise ourselves from everything.  To accept top down word which seems designed to foment separation and fear more than anything.  To not, crucially, think for ourselves.  We’re encouraged to accept “solutions” from a prior paradigm which didn’t really work then and is entirely unsuitable today.  As long as we are fretting about the fact that things aren’t working for us we aren’t taking a breath, asking questions and trying something different.  Not that this is easy but no matter where you find yourself, it can be done.  It’s important to just stop beating your head against that wall for a minute. ( Finances especially seem non-responsive to head banging, for example.)

One thing that absolutely (to my mind anyway) has to happen now? We all must stop accepting and consuming crazyoverthetopcrazypants as sane instruction or information, wherever it may pop up.  The Emperor really IS naked for the entire parade snaking over our planet, and actually this is a great opportunity to design a new suit and parade route.  Of course this means giving up one’s own attachment to a Certain Sort of Button and folding chair (from which to watch the proceedings)  but inspiration does give a person wings.  Those wings usually are much, much better than any Button or seat you were ever given by other routes.  And after all buttons, and chairs, are utilitarian items that can also be beautiful, so there’s another stellar opportunity to CREATE.  Out of what may seem in the moment to be thin air, but…..what the heck.  Why not???  Blessings and thanks as always!


Queasy Thought Form Alert

Whether it’s the coronal mass ejections of late, or the growing pressure of the black hole at the center of our galaxy with which we are famously moving into alignment- whatever it is, Gentle Reader, it IS.  I’ve soldiered on today and have perhaps accomplished some small things. Like maybe finding the right size laser printer friendly labels online.  MAYBE.  But this is once again apparently in Direct Opposition To The Will of The Universe.  Take my internet!!! When I can get onto it today at all, there are not just the constant cursor creeps but now, most festively, a notice that pops up and drives all else from the screen, saying that the bill hasn’t been paid.  This is very special, of course, for a variety of reasons.  We share (I can’t think of another word but that isn’t quite right, really.  We have a sliver of bandwidth if we time it right, let’s put it that way-) satellite service with our landlords.  I pay them for this fabulous service every month with the rent, which they require in cash.  My bank is a 60 mile round trip away and the local ATMs either charge a body part or have insane limits on getting cash out if you aren’t One of Them.  So, given that I go through all that, when I do my part? and then I can’t get any internet because they haven’t? It makes me just the tiniest bit ballistic.  Tiniest bit.

Then, for extra fun, I had ordered a text book on line.  The amount was duly, and immediately, removed from my account.  A few days passed and I got an acknowledgment that the book was on its’ way.  Then? Two notices saying that the book couldn’t be sent because it was damaged.  And, the purchase amount was credited back to me.  Pondering whether I really needed this book or not, I happened to check and see if the credit had been processed as promised and GUESS WHAT? I bet you can’t.  Really?  Well, instead of crediting me for the book that wasn’t sent, I got a second debit for the same amount.  So now essentially I’ve paid twice for a book I cannot get even once.   Of course their customer service is closed so Monday will be fun.

Meanwhile.  I’ve been pondering just exactly how irritating excessive and constant cheery bonhomousness can be since it feels as though I am turning into T Rex at times.  A few conversations transpired lately where I’d say something like, my neighbor’s horse died, and the other person would say, well everything’s GREAT for ME!  I find this confusing every time.  It reminded me of a job I had once at a Trauma Center in a Children’s Hospital in a metropolitan area.  This was where abused children and their families came for counseling post-injury.  It was kind of a stressful place to work.  One staff meeting, everyone was discussing this and that, what needed to be done, etc., and also the fact that the previous weekend had been monstrous, with two DOA kids.  The director of the program, when it was her turn, said, well, we all create our own realities.  And what I have created for MY reality is a week in Hawaii -next week!.  I leave you to mull over the complete jaw dropped silence that ensued.   But I’ve come to realize that this is a not uncommon mode of discourse.  People want to say that they live in the now, and they create their reality- and usually of course this is in stark contrast to YOUR reality in which you are not going to Hawaii, for example.  By implication you have created a booger reality for yourself.

The thing about this is, it is indeed true that the now, the present moment, is the only place you can actually be.  But?  You are not in that moment alone.  Every being and entity on this planet and who knows how far out into the distance is in it at the same time, however that time may be defined.  There is a movement of energy throughout this Now and no person can really control that.  It is never really all about you.  The past and future are tangible things although from our vantage point in time they aren’t concretely real.  They are things that can be symbolized for us by, say, a picture from a time past or a ticket for something in the future.  The present is real in its own way- funded by the past and participating in the future, with all the energies of everything that is in the present.  When you think about the level of indoctrination we’re all exposed to one way or the other, it seems to me that there is a huge amount of getting people to look at surface, not substance, in terms of actual reality and real life.  There’s a lot of telling you how you “have” to be and what you “have” to do.  There’s less emphasis on teaching people how to think, and to be kind to each other.  Even less emphasis is placed on just what it takes for all of us to live harmoniously- which on some level has to do with everyone participating in creating a reality that all can live with and function in.  Ultimately, however,  these thoughts and instructions take form, have a life of their own- as what are sometimes called thought forms.  The illusions we believe in now (American Dream?  a woman’s ideal weight? testosterone gel!)  consist of these thought forms which are maintained by, in theory, the energy of the entire group here.  Energy can have an impact on these thought forms, which is a basic premise of a fair amount of alternative healing thought.  You can change the way you think and perceive things, after all.  Anyway, when the energy is under pressure, is negative because the illusion is tattering in spots (Greece.  Detroit. Sudan. Syria. Rick Santorum?) it does seem as though those who are invested in it heavily become ever more assertive in their efforts to continue belief in it.  People who absent themselves from the entire paradigm are often not totally healthy- they may be schizoid or psychopathic.  Or they may be artists and writers. But they do not take  the usual path, in any event.

In any event.  I’m thinking about a new approach.  Thoughts ARE things, thought forms are real (however you wish to describe them) and as it happens there are a bunch of them I am not interested in encountering any more.  The thought that I might be able to disengage from stuff that is counter, according to my gut,  to my well being is rather new, and it also connects to the concept that one doesn’t have to have an opinion about everything, either.  It’s really quite restful not to have to pepper everything into submission with questions and definitions- preferably without any listening taking place.  But somehow, what to do when things don’t ring true? Is an ongoing investigation.  Letting go is not the same as letting oneself be run over; things that are not right, are not right.  By this I mean things that contribute to ignorance, social stratification, lack of understanding and also lack of basic truth.  So.  When, in the course of things, one encounters many of these sorts of things that aren’t right- it can be a balancing act.  One can’t withdraw completely- it’s unproductive over the long haul.  But it is perhaps about setting limits.  That is today’s daunting task.